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Installing Our New Letterbox

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Easter. The DIY didn't stop at our house.
Easter Friday we decided to install a new letterbox.
Why, well, look below to see the old one.  Just awful, right? So, a few weeks ago I picked up this letterbox from Bunnings. Look how shiny. :)  And here is how we installed it. 
Firstly I trimmed our hedge away from the old pole.  I wanted plenty of room to work with and we definitely needed it to dig out the old letterbox. Ours was cemented into the soil, so we/hubby had to dig around it. And using lots of muscle, pull that thing out.  Woohoo!
Was this an easy job? Heck no!!!
But when its out, you (or hubby) feel so much better. Hehe. After the old letterbox was out, the hole was way too big for the new one, so we decided to use the cardboard box from the new letterbox as a template for our concrete. We just cut the base out of the box so the concrete could still set into the soil, but not spread too wide.
Then we positioned our pole in the box …

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