Cushion Makeover - Printing directly on fabric in the printer!

Today I decided to make another drop cloth cushion, but using the method of printing directly on the fabric from the printer.  I chose to use calico to print on. Above is the finished cushion!

Here is what I started with ...

Firstly I grabbed my drop cloth, lay the cushion on it and traced out the size.  Then I sewed up the all the sides, except one.  In hind site, I might have sewed the calico on first. 

Then I chose a picture from The Graphics Fairy website.  I cut a piece of calico to A4 size, sprayed a sheet of A4 paper with quilting adhesive spray and stuck the calico on.  Then I put it in the printer and pressed print while I held my breath.  And guess what, it worked!  There are some minor black ink streaks where I think it might have stuck to the adhesive spray, but I'm not too concerned and think this just adds to the character of the print. :)

Then I sewed the calico to the drop cloth cushion and frayed the edges. 

Then I put the filling in, and sewed the final side closed.

I'm super pleased with the result! :)

x Julie