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Monday, December 19, 2011

Divine DIY Christmas Wreath

My Divine DIY Christmas Wreath
I've been wanting an extravagant Christmas wreath for weeks now.  I've looked everywhere, but they are all sooo expensive.  And I just couldn't find anything I really liked.  I knew I'd have to buy something and change it.  But for anything half decent I was looking at between $50 and $120, plus the cost of extras.  Not what I was willing to pay.  So, I decided to make my own, dispute the fact I had no clue how. :)
Supplies - Holly sprigs, wire, pliers.
I found these sprigs of holly in the cheapie shop for $2 each.  They have delicious bright red berries and two tone green leaves.  Love them. So I bought 9 sprigs. I knew I wanted a large wreath, but just took a guess at how many I would need.  (It turned out to be a perfect guess!)
Then I gathered some bendy wire and my pliers.

Large tapestry frame
I found a wooden tapestry frame I had bought in an attempt to make my daughter a bed net, but that didn't work out. :)  So instead, it came in great use for my wreath.  At 30cms wide, it was the perfect size.  I slightly bent the sprig stems and layered them over the frame. I then wired them to the frame in a circular shape.

Back view.
I decided not to paint the frame as I knew I wanted dense foliage which would cover it anyway.

Glittery Fruit Clusters
Then I added 3 bunches of amazing silver glitter Christmas fruit clusters ($2 each) evenly around the wreath and wired them in place.

Added pine cones
I had also purchased these gorgeous pine cones from the very lovely Sally at Blushing Blooms Florist a few weeks ago, but until now had no idea what I was going to do with them.  I spaced them around the wreath and wired them in place.

Beautiful large burlap bow.
The final touch was a large burlap bow made from my fabric stash!

And here is my finished wreath.  It's a super 55cms in diameter and certainly has wow factor.

It's exactly what I wanted, at a fraction of the cost. :)

Now I just have to decide where to hang it.  I was originally thinking the front door, but then I can't see it to admire during the day.

Aren't the holly sprigs, two tone leaves, pine cones and glittery fruit just so amazing together!
Total cost - $29!


  1. You've made yourself a new tradition - your wreath and the memories making it go into the tradition bank now. Next year you can check out the post you wrote aboutit too.

  2. Thank you Joy! I always love reading your words of encouragement and lovely compliments. :)


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