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Friday, October 28, 2011

Side Table Make Over - FINISHED!

To recap, I started out with this side table I picked up at a garage sale for $5.  It's solid wood and very heavy. It was it perfect condition, just needed a make over into something more French/shabby chic. :)

Now it looks like this ...

 After giving it a sand I gave it an undercoat of paint.  Then 2 top coats of white gloss paint.  

Then I got out my NEW SANDER and sanded it to give it an aged and distressed appearance.  Using a sander was so much faster and I think it actually gave it a better appearance than hand sanding.

Next I decided to add some drawers for storage.  I had recently purchased some fabric drawer dividers from Kmart for approx $6.  Two of them side by side were the perfect fit.  I decided to cover them in gorgeous canvas drop cloth (left over from another project).  Not the neatest drawer covering, but no one will see inside anyway. ;)

 I then decided on some inspirational words which I printed up on my computer to fit the fronts of the drawers.  After printing out the words and cutting them out with my blade knife, I taped the stencils to the fronts of the drawers and filled in the letters with black fabric paint. I love the effect it created!

I left the top shelf empty and have added a basket to store our remotes. I love the contrast of the cane.

So my finished side table is now in it's new home next to the TV unit in our lounge room. 

 I've added a mirror, my stencilled shabby lamp, and a few other trinkets on top for interest, including a cute little silver tea light holder lantern which was on the mark down shelf at the hardware for $2.  Bargain!

I love my new side table.  It looks great and has lots of storage.

Total cost of project - $11 (plus paint and drop cloth which I already had).  Not too shabby. :)

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Beautiful Burlap & Devine Jute Twine

What a way to start the day, with a trip to the hardware store.  Beginning to become a regular there, if only they offered frequent shopper discounts. ;) 

I recently became obsessed with burlap or hessian as we call it in Australia, and there it was in the gardening section on a roll for approx $4 a metre.  I had to have two.  I'm thinking a burlap Christmas wreath and hanging stockings. :)  

I also picked up a roll of jute twine for around $6.  I love that rustic feel it invokes. I'm sure it will come in handy for many, many projects. :)

I just had to share.  I'm dreaming of a burlap Christmas ....

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DIY Kitchen Dish Brush and Sponge Holder

My dish washing brushes are always haphazardly strewn on the sink or bench. 

Until now.

So now I have this!

I picked up this bowl for $1.50 from Kmart.  It's a really cute red and white stripe AND the perfect size for holding my dish washing brush and sponge.  So much nicer to have them in the bowl and off the sink!

Love it! :)
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

DIY Air/Carpet Freshener

I love, love, love this idea!!!  No horrible expensive chemical air/carpet fresheners for me anymore!  
This little project is one everyone will want to make!

Supplies: Glass jar with lid, something sharp to pierce the lid, baking soda, favourite essential oil, spray paint. Optional - gorgeous vintage label.

First clean out your jar.  I used a Leggos sauce jar.  Spray paint your lid white.  After it has dried, scratch off a bit off the paint around the top rim of the lid to give it an aged effect.

Fill your jar with baking soda and about 10 drops of your favourite essential/fragrant oil. 
Put the lid on and shake the jar to mix.  Baking soda is also useful in absorbing unpleasant smells.

Take the lid off and punch numbers holes in the top to allow the fragrance to dispel.  

Print a gorgeous vintage label and attach with glue stick, then coat with Modge Podge. 

And you are done! Simply shake your bottle once a week to release more of the essential fragrance. :)

Mine was intended for the bathroom, but the jar is just a bit too big for the ledge.  This one will find a home in another room.  In fact, this idea is perfect for any and every room of your house.

AND it doubles as a carpet freshener!  Simply shake some of the baking soda out on your carpet, allow to sit for 10 minutes and then vacuum.  Your house will smell divine!

When you have finished all the baking soda mix, you can top if up with a different fragrance if you like.

And if you don't have any jars, a nice bowl would also work fine.

Let me know what you think!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vintage Inspired Tea Light Make Over

I have these cute delicious vanilla smelling tea light candles in clear glass jars, which although they smelled great, didn't have much display appeal. 
[sorry, forgot the before pic AGAIN!]

 I've had them tucked away in a drawer ... until now.

Now, they are on display for everyone to see.  Aren't they super cute!

I printed off some cute little vintage labels, glue sticked them to the glass tea light holders, then brushed over them with Modge Podge to add a protective glaze.

Total cost = nil!

x Julie
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Lamp Make Over by Transferring Printed Ink to Fabric

So I have this lamp in my lounge room that has a white wooden base and an off white shade (which is nice) accept it blends right into the wall!  Here is a pic of the shade.  It's a lovely sort of burlap texture, but still very plain.  I purchased it in Target a while back as a last resort as I couldn't find anything else I liked.

Ink Transfer Method

I came across this idea where you can print an image on your computer printer and then transfer it to fabric, or any other surface. So, what the heck, I'd give it a try.  So as per the instructions, I went out and bought a bottle of Orange Goo Remover (cost approx $5).

I then printed a cute french looking label design in reverse onto plain paper, cut it out, turned it over and taped it to my shade. With a cotton ball I rubbed the Goo Remover on the back, then with a spoon I rubbed over the back of the paper to transfer the image.

This was the finished product ...

I love it.  It brings some character to the lamp and makes it look expensive. :)

It got a slight bit smudged, but at a distance you can hardly notice.

Now I have to say here that I attempted this method again on wood and on cloth fabric and the results were not as good.  I think you have to dab on the right amount of goo remover, although I haven't figured out what that is yet.  Too much and the image does not seem to transfer at all!  Still, when done right you can obtain amazing results. :)
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A Sander in the Hand ....

Woohoo! Welcome to the family my lovely shiny new toy!

Here is my new best friend.  I'm sure we are going to work together well!

Thanks hubby for the early birthday present. Love you!

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EAT in the Kitchen

I have this wall/dead space in the corner of my kitchen that you see as soon as you walk in, but has a door next to it so you can't display anything that takes up floor space, but I'd really love to have some impact when you walk in.  I've had many different pictures hanging there and hated them all.  Nothing really felt right, until now.  Yippee!  It's bold and eye catching, and brightens my morning now when I walk into the kitchen for my coffee craving.

So here it is ...

I picked up 3 same old brown frames for $1 each, gave them a light sand and added two coats of gloss red paint.  Then I printed the my letters each on A4 size paper, making sure they fit perfectly into the frames.  And there you have it! Drab and boring no more. :)
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Sunday, October 23, 2011


I saw this next project somewhere, but for the life of me could not find it again, so had to wing it. It was really easy and I love it.  So does my budding little artist. :)

I had some mdf boards, so simply cut then to the desired length to fit the space on the playroom wall where I wanted it to go.  I also had the wooden letters which I had been hoarding for the right project for about the last 3 years!  A quick sand and 2 coats of white paint and they were done.  I painted the mdf board a cute red, then stroked on white paint to create a shabby time worn distressed effect.  I love distressed!!!  I then measured out the spacing for the letters and pegs and hot glued them on.

And that is it!  

 Here it is in use.  Great also for hanging wet paintings to dry!

I was also thinking this could be used at Christmas to hang all things Christmasy!  Holly being such a festive word.

Now I just have to make a matching one for my little man, and find some quirky arty saying or picture (Naomi??) to hang on the wall above them.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Before Pic for Side Table Make Over

A round of applause please.  I actually remembered to take a "before photo".  Woohoo!

I picked this table up for (God it's close to stealing), an embarrassing $5 at a garage sale.

It's actually a very heavy and old piece.  Vintage perhaps?  In any case, I'm going to make it Fbeautiful.  And I know exactly where to put it.  But you'll have to wait and see. ;)

I still have more work to do on this one, so I'll post an update of the finished item shortly.  Don't forget to check back, or even better, subscribe to my blog for automatic blog updates!

To be continued ...... :)
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One Cool Stool Make Over!

Yep, lots of posts today.  I'll admit I've been a bit too preoccupied making things to take some time out to share my new projects.  Sorry, I'll try better from now on. :)  But honestly, I'd rather be making than typing. :)

Again I was overly eager and did not take a before photo.  Bad, bad, bad.  Again, please use your imagination.  I started out with a very old stool.  The seat was wooden with lots of paint stains.  The legs were a grey rusty metal.  This piece was crying out for a make over!  And being the nice person that I am, it was lucky enough to come home with me for the bargain price of $5!

Again, there was some trial and error.  Firstly I unscrewed the seat off the legs and sanded it.  I then applied a lovely red coat of paint - and hated it!  Time to cover instead.  So I selected a cute scrap of red and white check fabric from my fabric stash (total cost - zero) and with the help of my glue gun, attached a layer of padding and then covered it with my super cute fabric.

I sanded the rust from the legs and applied 2 coats of spray paint.

I also purchased for approx $3 from the hardware a set of white stoppers for the feet. I imagine the original ones were long gone. :)

Then I put it all together and this was the finished masterpiece ....

Without further adieu ...

Ta da!

This little cutie is has currently taken up residence in the kitchen and is fitting in beautifully. :)

I'm so happy with the result.  Total cost was just over $10 for this make over.  Another keeper me thinks. :)


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Numbered Drop Cloth Cushions

Love my new cushions and if I have to be honest, they were so, so, so simple to make. :)

I recently purchased some drop clothes from the hardware store in an endeavour to create lovely drop cloth couch covers.  The project itself was a success, however they just seemed to keep coming untucked on the lounge! (No thanks to hubby and 2 bouncing kiddies.) Being the neat freak that I am, it became more of a burden than a decor blessing.  So, I decided if I was going to have canvas drop cloth (which I love, love, love) on my couch, it would have to be in the form of cushions. :)

Firstly I cut out 3 envelope design cushion covers and sewed them together.  Very easy.  A quick Google will bring up many tutes for doing this. :)

Next I opened Photoshop and printed up very large numbers 1 to 3.  Using my cutting knife I cut out all the letters and was left with numeric stencils.

I taped the stencils to the centre of the front of the cushions, then lined the inside with cardboard.  This was a very good move, because the fabric paint did soak through!!!  I used a dabbing brush and dabbed the number stencils, to create a more worn or aged effect.  I then left them to dry.

After turning them all inside out, I ironed over the back of the numbers to heat set the paint.

Then, turned them right way out and put in my cushion fillers.

Ta da!

The finished product ....

And they match the black leather lounge perfectly!  So chic!  These are definitely keepers. :)  

x Julie
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Old Black Stool to Polkadot Cool!

Okay, so I'm now hooked on revamping old (and new) furniture to create lovely new pieces to put in my home.  And I must say I am loving it!

One of my first projects was a plain old black stool, scored for the bargain price of $4 at a garage sale.

Now here is where I have to learn to take the before photos.  Damn, damn, damn! This time I was too eager to recreate and so you will have to use your imagination. :)  Imagine a black wooden stool, similar in shape and size to a piano stool.

Okay, here's what I did.  I unscrewed the stool apart and painted it white.  Bad idea.  The paint did not stick and ended up literally pealing off!  Not my finest work, but trial and error, live and learn, and all that jazz. :)

On the positive side, some of the white paint did stick to the front of the stool, giving it a slightly distressed charm.  So not such a disaster after all.  :)

I then padded and covered the top of the seat in a super cute red and white polkadot fabric with thanks to my trusty glue gun. :)

I then screwed the stool back together.  Now stand back and be amazed ......

The finished product ......

Ta da!

I love, love, love it!  And it's new home is in my 4 year old daughter's bedroom. She loves it too. :)

Total cost of makeover: chair $4, fabric $3.50 (and I still have plenty left over for a cushion cover or similar) = $7.50.  I won't count the paint, padding or glue gun as I already had them in my stash.

On to the next project!

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