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Friday, December 30, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood Ragdoll

Little Red Riding Hood Rag Doll
I made this Little Red Riding Hood rag doll for a very, very sick little girl.  
I hope it brings her some joy. 
 I based my doll on the Black Apple rag doll pattern.
I added a frilly dress and some cute little buttons down the front of the dress. 
 I tied some green cotton lace around the shoes, and her knickers were done in red and white check fabric.
 I added a small yo-yo as a hair clip.
And hand painted her eyes and mouth with fabric paint.
The cape was trial and error, but I think after lots of pinning and tucking it turned out perfect.
The cape is tied with a bright red ribbon and can be removed. :)

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hanging Christmas Ornament Tree Branch

Merry Christmas everyone!

I just wanted to share my last minute Christmas project which I think turned out really special and added that special touch to our Christmas lunch.  Okay, to put it simply, it looked amazing! :)

I had been inspired by this image from Remodelista ...

And yesterday while out in the garden, what was sitting in our tree but this broken off branch.  I saw it as fate, and good fortune. :)   

I quickly flicked the ants off, and dragged that beauty inside, with my excitement bubbling over.

I attached it to the ceiling with jute twine to blend in with the branch's natural quality.

Then I raided the Christmas tree for the red and silver baubles and felt snowflakes. 

The gorgeous white birdies I had picked up that very morning for half price ($2 each).

It was just a matter of hanging the ornaments randomly and so that the branch balanced evenly.

It made a real statement today and I'm so happy with how it turned out and how quick and easy it was to create. 

I'm thinking I might even leave the branch up for a while. :)


Here's to Handy Andy

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Endless Christmas Creativity

So I thought I had done all my decorating and creating and gift making and blogging for Christmas a few days ago.  Wrong.  So with only 3 days until Christmas my creative mind was racing and so I managed to squeeze in a few more projects. :) 

I made this cute fabric two way tote for a lovely friend.  It's great to just grab and go.  I love how soft the cotton fabric is and that it holds a lot. I was tempted to keep it myself, but having given it to her I am thrilled that she liked it too.

I also could not resist making these cute little 3D stars for our Christmas tree.  They were so easy and look  so pretty.  And were made from scrap cardboard that had a slight sheen.  I really like them.  And I recovered some of our red Christmas baubles with cream coloured fabric and white lace.

I also dragged out more Christmas lights having developed Christmas light envy from the neighbour's amazing light display.  Some fairy lights in the window and flashing candy canes lit up the entire porch. The porch bench is another unfinished project.  But it still got a lovely wreath added to it. I would have liked to have added some potted Poinsettias.  Maybe next year.

I decorated our inside front door with my daughter's Santa that she made at preschool.  The grandparents loved it!

So it's the end of a very busy Christmas day (and the few weeks leading up) with lots of family, yummy food and presents!  The kids are now tucked in bed and hubby and I are relaxing.  

 thoughts of next year's Christmas decorating run through my head. :)
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Third Time Lucky!

Feels like Christmas has come early!  My lovely desk has been featured again! 
Check it out here at Ruby Jean, along with lots of other amazing creations.
Thanks Ruby Jean!

"Take a look at this BEAUTIFUL desk from Knot All That I Seam…
Isn’t this GORGEOUS!!!!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Featured Twice in One Week!

Wow, I'm so excited to have had my Writing Desk Redo featured a second time this week on Sassy Sites.

Click here to view!

Thank you so much!
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekends Thrifty Finds

This weekend I visited a secondhand market I had not been to before.  Thanks to my dear friend for the tip off. Wow. Only 15 minutes away with lots of vintage and antique wares.  What a way to spend my birthday! 

So what did I buy.  Well, I picked up these beautiful old tins.  
I have been looking around for some for a while to add to my vintage collection. 
 Don't you just love old rusty tins with those gorgeous old adverts on them. :)

I also came across this old compass set in the original tin.  Cool, hey?  I'm thinking of displaying it on a shelf (up high and after removing all instruments) in my son's room.

I also came across these cute old glass bottles.  One used to have some sort of antiseptic and the other hair tonic!  Complete with original smells inside!  Gross, they'll be getting a good clean. Still, will look fab on display - somewhere. 
For 25 bucks the lot I was a very happy shopper. :)
Happy Birthday to me!
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Divine DIY Christmas Wreath

My Divine DIY Christmas Wreath
I've been wanting an extravagant Christmas wreath for weeks now.  I've looked everywhere, but they are all sooo expensive.  And I just couldn't find anything I really liked.  I knew I'd have to buy something and change it.  But for anything half decent I was looking at between $50 and $120, plus the cost of extras.  Not what I was willing to pay.  So, I decided to make my own, dispute the fact I had no clue how. :)
Supplies - Holly sprigs, wire, pliers.
I found these sprigs of holly in the cheapie shop for $2 each.  They have delicious bright red berries and two tone green leaves.  Love them. So I bought 9 sprigs. I knew I wanted a large wreath, but just took a guess at how many I would need.  (It turned out to be a perfect guess!)
Then I gathered some bendy wire and my pliers.

Large tapestry frame
I found a wooden tapestry frame I had bought in an attempt to make my daughter a bed net, but that didn't work out. :)  So instead, it came in great use for my wreath.  At 30cms wide, it was the perfect size.  I slightly bent the sprig stems and layered them over the frame. I then wired them to the frame in a circular shape.

Back view.
I decided not to paint the frame as I knew I wanted dense foliage which would cover it anyway.

Glittery Fruit Clusters
Then I added 3 bunches of amazing silver glitter Christmas fruit clusters ($2 each) evenly around the wreath and wired them in place.

Added pine cones
I had also purchased these gorgeous pine cones from the very lovely Sally at Blushing Blooms Florist a few weeks ago, but until now had no idea what I was going to do with them.  I spaced them around the wreath and wired them in place.

Beautiful large burlap bow.
The final touch was a large burlap bow made from my fabric stash!

And here is my finished wreath.  It's a super 55cms in diameter and certainly has wow factor.

It's exactly what I wanted, at a fraction of the cost. :)

Now I just have to decide where to hang it.  I was originally thinking the front door, but then I can't see it to admire during the day.

Aren't the holly sprigs, two tone leaves, pine cones and glittery fruit just so amazing together!
Total cost - $29!

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

My First Feature!!!

How excited am I.  I just logged on and found out of have been featured!  For the very first time!

Here's the blog exert ...

And finally, how cute is this little secretary from Knot All That I Seam?  I love the pretty pop of color, and those sweet legs!

 You can see the full blog by clicking here.

Thanks Cassie at
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


After a couple of very busy days with the family, today I decided to have a restful day on the lounge and update my blog site's appearance.  Please be sure to take a look and let me know what you think. :)
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Deck the Halls... {Our 2011 Christmas Decor}


Adorning our entryway mirror is now this fabulous twig style wreath, strung with a strip of torn drop cloth, and embellished with silver pine cones and leaves. Simple, but stylish.

Sitting upon our entry table is now this 60cm red and white Christmas tree (in a cute metal red bucket).  The candle holders and Santa statue are also festive additions. As well as the little star ornament on the drawer handle.


Our Christmas tree sporting a new star on top!

This gorgeous red metal star was half price at Lincraft and is a perfect addition to the top of our tree.

My two turtle doves, glittering from the handles of our repurposed side table.
They look so beautiful.

This entertainment storage cupboard (that is on my long project list of things to redo) sits next to our TV and is now topped with lots of Christmas goodies, including our snowman, pine cones, light up twig thingy (cost only $2 but looks amazing lit up at night) and this year's framed Santa photo.

And this year I found somewhere to hang our glittery Joy sign - on our beautiful white lantern.

Another project on my list are these used shutters. I intend to paint them grey and shabby them up.  In the meantime, I've hung them in the lounge room and used some more strips of canvas drop cloth to attach cane wreaths.  Again, simple, but they fill the the blankness of the wall and fit in with the vintage/shabby Christmas style of our house.  

And sitting upon my craft storage bookshelf is my bargain star I picked up on the weekend for $1.  
So happy with the way it sits next to the basket and old books.

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Here are the Christmas lolly gift bags I made from my daughters 3 best preschool friends.  

They contain a strawberry flavoured candy cane (my kids hate the peppermint, just like me) and some baby jellybeans.  

I enclosed them in cellophane lolly bags and tied them up with green ribbon and a cute little tinkly bell. 

 I also printed out these divine gift tags courtesy of Sass & Peril on photo paper and attached them on the ribbon.  On the back I wrote out a Christmas message to each of her little friends.

 I love the way they turned out so much I just had to share. :)

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