Turquoise Hall Table Restyled

Again, here is the original table (hiding behind the chairs)...

And here it is again, painted white...

And now....

Here it is ....

Painted ....


 Don't you just love it!

Doesn't it have so much more personality now!

And the process...

Firstly I stripped all the white paint off the top and gave it a good sand with my electric sander.
Then I used two coats of black stain on the top.

Then I painted the rest of the table turquoise, which I mixed up myself with some left over paints.

After this had totally dried, I used my electric sander to fully distress all the edges and some of the in between bits.  I almost never distress with a sander, but this piece had been so fiddly painting and repainting that I just couldn't bring myself to invest more time hand sanding it.  I love the outcome anyway. :)

Then two coats of poly over the entire table.
 I love the way the poly brings out the distressing.

And then I was finished. :)

 Now I'm finally happy with my table! :)

What do you think?

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