Hubby's First Roadside Rescue

I just had to share Hubby's first roadside rescue.  First let me fill you in on hubby.  He works in IT and doesn't have any interest or skills in the DIY department.  He doesn't mind my thrifting, but isn't interested in doing it himself. 

So, it was around lunch time when hubby announced he had seen the neighbours a few houses down put some "roadside recycling" out this morning.  Being a dedicated thrifter, I'm thinking like why didn't you tell me this sooner??  Anyway, we were just about to head out for lunch and I was driving out the driveway when I saw the goodies on the roadside.  Hubby says "go on, you know you want to".  But I decided we were going the other direction so I'd give it a miss, considering all the best stuff was probably gone by now anyway!

On our way back, I decided what the hay, I'd drive down and have a look.  So I pulled over and what did I spot on top, but this really cool wooden hall table.

So I lean over and say to hubby "quick, get out and grab that table".  Secretly I'm thinking there is no way he will get out.  Then to my surprise, he unbuckles his seat belt, hops out and calmly picks up the table and puts it in the boot.  Then hops back in and says "drive". I am in stitches.  His first roadside rescue.  I just couldn't believe it.

When we got home he couldn't get his freebie inside quick enough to check it out. Usually he doesn't even comment on what I bring home.  But this table was like he struck gold.  Um, who exactly spotted it first anyway?

So later on I hear him telling the tale to a friend, about how he SWAT rolled out of the car and tactically retrieved the table.  Yep, he was on a high.  Maybe now he understands the buzz I get. :)

But you know who is going to be fixing it up, yep, me.  But not without a few pointers from the rescuer himself of course. :)

Unfortunately the table does have some splitting and lifting to the wood on top.  I've tried to get a decent picture of it.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated on how I go about fixing/covering this. :)  Thanks!

 :) Julie