Turquoise Framed Photo Canvas

The kids have been growing so fast and I have been wanting to put some recent photos of them up on the walls.  So today I decided to add some black and white pics of the kids.
I came up with this idea of framing my photos on a large painted canvas.

 I mixed up a pretty shade of turquoise with green and blue paint and applied it to a large blank canvas I recycled from another project. 

Then I printed off a series of photos of the kids when they were playing outside in their raincoats recently.

I removed the glass from 2 white photo frames, which allowed the turquoise to come through as a border around the inside photos. 

I positioned and hot glued the frames on the canvas.

And then added the photos.

Finally I tied a jute twine frame border around the edges of the canvas.

And this is the finished product!

I'm really happy with the white wooden frames around the top and bottom photos.  They add so much depth.

:) Julie