Hubby's Roadside Rescue Hall Table Restyled

Do you remember how my husband performed his first roadside rescue?  If not, and you want a laugh, here is the post.

And here is the object of his rescue ...

 Ain't she sweet.  The only thing that has delayed its makeover was the raised split in the timber top.

I had no idea how to fix it.  So I thought I'd lift it a little, and that is when a huge chunk of wood split off.  Oh well, decision made.  I would take the entire top layer of wood off.  I used a paint scrapper to get under the wood and lift it off.  It was a task and a half and took a while.  But, it did come off. :)
And revealed a large stain which I assumed to be water damage from the cracked wood I removed. 

I commenced sanding the entire table, which lead to the discovery of a yellow flaking substance all over.  I assume this was old varnish.  It was time consuming to remove, but did flake off quite easily.

Live and learn because I really should have applied a primer, but in my haste I applied my first coat of chalk paint, made from flat paint and Plaster of Paris.  First time I had tried this mixture as I usually use grout instead.  This was a lot less lumpy, but not a very smooth finish.  

After I had applied 3 coats to the top I noticed I had a large tannin stain seeping through the paint.  Nooo!

I went to the hardware and found this product from White Knight.  It's called Stain Stop Binder and was half the price of regular stain primer.  I found it super easy to apply and a little went a long way.  I couldn't smell it at all, which is good cause I was doing it inside and it washed up in water. 

I was very happy with the result. No stain! :)

I reapplied my top coat paint twice and then sanded and distressed all over.  

To finish off I rubbed on a coat of furniture wax.

Here she is in our hall with my Easter display. :)

 So, for something that cost nothing, I'm very pleased with our new piece of furniture.

Hubby also approves of the makeover. :)

Great find honey, well worth the camo roll. ;)

:) Julie

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