White French Doors Restyled

After living with boring brown wooden french doors for 2 years, 
I finally took the plunge, or should I say found some time 
on my to do list, and painted them white.  

Below is the before pic taken when we first moved in.  

Firstly we removed all the brass hardware.  

Then I taped around all the glass windows inserts.

Next I sanded and did an undercoat and, then 3 overcoats of
white semi gloss paint.

I spray painted the handles with a grey metal undercoat.
Then applied 2 coats of gloss black spray paint. 

 I decided not to take the doors off the hinges, 
and instead painted straight over them in white. 

After all the tape was pealed off and the glass cleaned (sparkle, sparkle), this was the result.

I'm so happy with how they turned out.
They make the entry seem bigger and brighter now. :)
And the black handles look so much better.

What do you think?

:) Julie