Vintage Lounge Chair Restyled

I've been looking for a vintage Queen Anne style lounge suite to make over and was happy to find one in the Trading Post during the week.  I have only completed one of the chairs, but wanted to share how it turned out given it was one of my more complicated projects.

So here it is after it's French inspired makeover..

And here it is how the chairs originally looked.

This was a big makeover involving a lot of staple pulling, sewing new cushion covers, reupholstering, painting, distressing and waxing.  Okay, I'm out of breathe. ;)

So here is how I did it.

First I removed all the staples from underneath the chair using my pointy pokey tool and pliers.  I levered under each staple, then yank it out.  See the horrible yellowing fabric lining underneath?  That had to go.

Then I removed another round of stapes underneath that!  Anyone who has done this before will know this part of the makeover is the dreaded part, removing all the staples.

This, in turn, lead to my first injury of the day ...

But I soldiered on. :)  

Next I labeled the front and back on the fabric I was removing so I could use it as a template and remember which way it went back on. :) This was very handy!

Once this was removed I removed all the stuffing from the seat and left it out in the sun to air out.  

Next I gave the seat a light sand to remove the varnish sheen to prepare it for painting.

Then I applied 3 coats of white chalk paint and distressed the edges.  Then I put the filling back on the base of the seat. (Sorry no pic).

After cutting out my pattern from gorgeous canvas drop cloth, I fitted and attached it underneath with my staple gun.

Next I worked on recovering the cushions.

After removing all the covers I laid all the cushions out in the sun to air out, turning them every few hours.  I also made my own fabric air freshener from baking soda, vinegar, warm water and essential oils which I sprayed on the cushions using a spray bottle.

I decided to make them new filling covers too from a kids sheet set that was new and I had not used.  I'm glad I did because the original covers were falling apart.  Then off course I sewed up the matching canvas drop cloth covers.  

Put it all together, apply a clear coat of wax and this is the result.  

A gorgeous vintage French inspired armchair!

And it's comfy too! :)

I absolutely love the rattan design on the sides and back!

And those long gorgeous armrests...

 And those stunning Queen Anne legs...

And the vintage tacking on the base.  These are the original tacks I reattached.

Now to tackle the rest of the lounge suite.

:) Julie