Croup, coughs and colds continued...

My 2 year old son now has croup, which is a respiratory infection that causes the windpipe to swell making breathing difficult, mostly at night, accompanied by a seal-like cough.  It was likely brought on by a cold he got from one of us.  He is now on night time medication, is sleeping poorly day and night, and is miserable and clingy.  But he is still being a brave little soldier with the occasional cheeky little grin.  Meanwhile, my 4 year old daughter and myself still have coughs and runny noses.  We are all drained of energy and are being total couch potatos cuddling and watching DVD's all day.  

I did get one little project done today, potting some colourful plants for the front verandah.  But I'll blog that when we are all feeling a bit better.

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