DIY Kids Wooden Kitchen

I decided to make my kids a toy kitchen for Christmas. Their last shop bought one was made of plywood and was falling apart because it got lots of play time.  

I wanted to make something more solid and more vintage looking.

I decided to use this TV display cabinet that I redid over as a side storage cabinet a year or so ago...

First of all I removed the front doors.  I flipped the oven door round to open downwards and hammered out the wooden insert.  The wooden insert was shaped into a box and reused on top as a shelf and to mount the tap.  The doors and shelves got a coat of vintage green paint, while the rest of the cabinet got a few coats of white to freshen it up.

I also added a sheet of MDF to the back of the cabinet as a splashback and painted it white also.

My big splurge was on the spout and tap handles.  They were $30 new from the hardware.

I cut out a section of the top of the cabinet to house the sink, which was a plastic storage bucket I bought for $3.  I wanted it to look like a country style sink.

The hot plates were cork coasters I spray painted black and glued on.

The oven knobs were spare and spray painted white.
The oven handle and door knob were also spares I had in my stash.
I also added a ruffle of material as a sink skirt which hides a storage shelf.

I added an MDF shelf underneath for the oven and purchased a cheap baking tray.  

The oven door "glass" is the lid to the storage bucket that I used for the sink. I just used the staple gun to attach this.

The other side of the cupboard can be used to store plates, etc.

 The fry pan and utensils were cheap from Ikea.  And the mixing bowls and measurers were a few dollars from the discount store.

Overall I spent approx $50, and I'm really pleased with the result.  
Hopefully it will bring the kids hours of fun. 



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