My New Ikea Lounge!

I told you guys I was looking forward to a big purchase last weekend.  Well, here it is!  We got a new sofa for the sunroom.  It's the Ikea Sandby 3 Seater in Blekinge Brown. 

If you remember, I had my heart set on the popular Ektorp in white.  Until ...

Have you ever sat on the lounges in Ikea?  I'm guessing your answer is probably.  Well "probably" hundreds of thousands of people have sat on those same lounges as well, every day! Accordingly, they are never in "like new" condition, and neither is their firmness.  And this is exactly what the shop lady told me, which really didn't help my decision. I sat on 4 Ektorp sofas, each with different covers, and each with extremely different levels of firmness.  I just couldn't decide in the end if I was happy with how they felt.  All I was thinking was I loved those rolling arms and I wanted one.   

It was my reasonable "think before you buy", "don't rush in", "this one is so much better" husband that swayed my decision to the Sandby.  I went back twice and sat on them all again, and unfortunately I had to agree, the Sandby was the most firm and the most comfortable. And given it had probably had a lot of bottoms testing it out, it has still stood the test of time.  Unless of course it was a new one on the floor.  Arrughhh ...  Plus, not only was it comfortable, it was one of the cheapest lounges they stock!  Bonus!


Our new sofa arrived yesterday and the verdict so far ...

I'm very happy with it.  Not only did I save $150 compared to the Ektorp, I also got a darker colour given the kids would be crawling all over it.  It's also a bit more compact supposedly, however the seat dimensions, depth and height are the same.  The length is a bit shorter, but I put that down to the arms being a different shape.   And I can also always purchase a white cover at a later date a lot cheaper than the Ektorp ones.

Yep, it's a keeper. :)  

Plus, there is still the lounge room couches that will eventually need replacing and I still have my eye on those Ektorps. :)

What do you think of my new lounge?