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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chalkboard Silver Tray

I often use chalk paint on my furniture projects, but this is the first time I have used my chalk paint for the purpose of creating a chalkboard. 

I purchased this tray for $2 a few weeks ago and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. :)

I mixed up my grout and flat paint mixture, then tinted it a dark grey with black acrylic paint.  I applied 3 coats to the tray, then rubbed it all over with chalk, wiped it off and presto!  A very quick and simple project with a great result.  I love it so much I've propped it up in our entryway table for everyone to see when they walk in.

:) Julie
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lounge and Dining Rooms Tweaked

Given I can never sit still and hubby says he never knows where he'll find the furniture cause I'm always moving it (hehe), I decided to tweak my lounge and dining room a bit.  The major changes I made were to move the lounge forward which meant moving the dining table against the wall.  What do you think? 

And my next big project is painting those yucky brown sliding French doors white to match the entry ones.  Big job, lots of sanding, taping up glass, priming, painting and more painting.  Could take a while, but so worth the effort I'm sure. :)

:) Julie
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Friday, May 25, 2012

Lounge and Dining Room Tour

Welcome to my home!

Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoyed your stay.

:) Julie

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Vintage Lounge Suite French Inspired Makeover

I'm finally finished my Vintage Lounge Suite Makeover!

Here is the before ...

And after ...

This was a huge project.  It involved sewing new stuffing covers for all 10 chair cushions, then 10 drop cloth removable cushion covers.  And then upholstering all the bases with new drop cloth.

Then I applied 3 coats of chalk paint.  Then sanded and distressed every seat.  Then applied a coat of clear furniture wax.  Phew!  Lots of work.  But well worth it.  I love the outcome. 

You can find my original in depth post on how I completed one of the chairs here.

:) Julie
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vintage Music Sheet Coffee Table

Yep, it's another Vintage Music inspired piece of furniture. :)

Here's the before...

And after ...

I love the distressed white chalk paint which brings out all the wonderful curves of the table.

And you can't go past original old sheet music and Edison record covers. :)

:) Julie

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Thrifty Finds

This weekend I scored some great little finds, including a gorgeous gold scroll mirror (I'm thinking white), a silver tray (which I hope to try my first chalk board project with), a great little wire basket, and this white enamel colander (which might become a plant pot or a decoration for the kitchen).  All up, less than $10 spent. :)

How was your weekend thrifting?

:) Julie

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

MIA - No Way!

Hi lovelies, no I haven't going missing in action.  Instead,  I have been Action Woman this week.  I've been jumping from project to project (which is nothing new really), but with each project coming along so well I haven't had time to blog them.  I'm sure I don't have to explain that when you are on a roll, you are on a roll. :)  

So I'll give you a quick summary of what I've been up to and what blogs you can expect from me this week. :) 

1. Finishing off my 3 seater vintage lounge suite.  It's been such a big job and I've agonised over keeping or selling and continue to do so.  Why does everyone give me such lovely compliments and make it so hard for me to part with it?

2. I took the plunge and removed 2 of the kitchen cabinet doors and spent today arranging some of my vintage Royal Dolton.  Super happy with the result.

3. I painted last weekend's thrifty chair find and it now resides in my bedroom.  Absolutely love it! Speaking of bedrooms, I've also replaced my current side table with a smaller one and am currently adding some cool baskets and accessories.  Our bedroom is always a work in progress.

4. And there was also some thrifty finds yesterday which I still need to photograph.

And most importantly I have been preparing for my little man's first day at preschool tomorrow.  It will be the first time in almost 5 years I have had a whole day without either of my kids home.  Woohoo!  I cannot even begin to imagine how quiet it will be. Bring on the tissues and lots of DIY.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Antique Record Cover Side Table

I decided to repurpose this little side table to add a vintage/shabby chic feel, and to create something that brought the old and the new together to provide useful storage and a talking piece.

So I applied a genuine antique Brunswick record cover to the top with Modge Podge and 2 coats of clear varnish to protect it.

Then using the back of the record cover, I cut out some interesting adverts for Brunswick and using Modge Podge again, I created some cute little tags for the cane drawers which I attached with twine.

So much more interesting.  I love those old record covers and having them there means they can be admired all day. 

:) Julie
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Recent Thrifty Finds!

First cab off the rank is this gorgeous Queen Anne style vintage coffe table.  Ain't she a beauty!  Look at those amazing curves. She just needs a good coat of white chalk paint and some distressing. :)  I haven't decided whether to keep or sell yet.

I've had my eye out for a Bentwood chair at a bargain price.  This isn't quite one, but looks similar and was a reasonable price.  I love the cane latice seat.  Sorry its not a great pic and that I started to paint it prior to taking a "before" pic. I think this would would look lovely in our bedroom. :)

I love this old Trafalgar First Aid kit.  It's made of tin and came with an old vintage style key to lock it with.  Love it.  Not sure what the yellow marks are on the bottom (anyone?) or whether I will paint over it all, but I do plan to attach it to the wall (most likely in the kitchen as our bathroom walls were tiled roof to floor by the previous owners which is a pain when you want to hang anything) and fill it with medical supplies. With 2 little kids we must always have a large supply of Wiggles and Dora bandaids. :)

This ugly duckling has lost its bow and been given a few coats of white spray paint.  She came up a treat and now sits on our front porch. :)  Tick that one off the "wanted list". :)

And this old looking barometer.  Not really sure of it's age but I've always wanted one of these, don't ask me why, I just thought they looked cool. :)  It will find a place in my entryway.

Until next time!

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vintage Swan Mirror

Is it just me, or does anyone else often see things they love like an old camera or an old piece of furniture on another blog and take a mental note to keep an eye out for them.  Then you do come across them and they are even better than the one you wanted and a bargain to boot?

My latest find was an old shaving mirror.  It has a beautiful little swan on the bottom.  I love the intricate details.

I have no idea how old it might be of what it is made of but guessing it might be bronze.  Does anyone know?

The back has the original cardboard too.

I'm too embarrassed to say how much I paid in case I'm accused of daylight robbery, but let's just say it was totally my lucky day.  ;)

And the big question is .... should I paint it white or leave it as is?  I was going to put it in the bathroom,  in which case it would look better white so perhaps I'm answering my own question. What would you do?

:) Julie
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