Are you a Words or a Picture Person?

I have to be brutally honest and admit that I am totally a picture person.  If I read an article, I don't actually ever really "read" it.  I skim it.  I scrutinise the pictures and skim the words.  Does this have something to do with being visually creative?  I don't know. Don't get me wrong, I love to read.  I read every night before bed in fact.  But I read novels, the kind that don't have pictures.  The ones where you have to create the pictures for yourself.

But if I picked up a magazine, I'd be totally focused on the pictures. So, when I read a blog post, sorry but you guessed it, I never really "read" a blog post.  I mean sometimes I do, but mostly I like to take it all in visually.  What's the saying ... A picture is worth a thousand words. And really long written posts tend to scare me.  I'd love to read it all, but I just get a bit scatty and I feel time pressured and tend to skim it all.  And if the pictures are not interesting, I tend to skip the post entirely.  Is it just me or can anyone else relate?

If you "read" my blog, you will see that most my posts have very little wording.  I think I like to just focus on the project at hand, and not make it too personal.  Well, this year I want to change this.  How am I going so far? ;)  I want to be a more interesting and engaging blogger.  After all, I think I'm a nice and likeable person. :)  I tend to focus on getting the pictures all pretty and hope that like me, you will all be drawn to the story by the nice photos.  I think I need to find a better balance of pictures and words.  Maybe this will help me to slow down and really read other blogs.  After all, this is a community and sharing is only part of it.  Getting to know each other is also super important.  I'd like to make an impression not only through my work and home, but also through who I am as a person. 

I think what I am just realising is that there is someone's story behind every picture. I want to tell and read those stories.  So, although this year I have taken a stand on pressuring myself with New Year Resolutions, I promise I will try to be more of a words person.