Busy, busy, busy!

Well, you know I can't just sit still, don't you. :)

I've been jumping around a bit with projects this week.

Firstly, I finished repainting the main hallway to tie in with the new entryway paint colour.  

Then I decided to give the laundry a tidy up.  I had a lot of my work tools stored in there and lots of paint cans.  They have all been moved outside into my work bench cabinets. I took out the free standing garage shelf I had in there and packed all my laundry and cleaning products into the cupboard, out of site.  The cupboard could do with a bit of better organising, but with the door shut, no one will know and I can do it at a later date. :)

I sewed a new curtain for the laundry window made from spare white cotton fabric.  Gee those ruffles take a long time!  But I love how it looks and it was one of those projects that kept getting shuffled to the end of the list. Cross that one off! :)

Yesterday I made this very large sign for the laundry wall.  I wanted it to be big enough to cover the high wall mount for the dryer and the washing machine taps and a powerpoint (as seen in pic).  And it is huge!  I just have to hang it now. Then I can show you the finished laundry.  It's a tiny room, but now it will be less crowded, more functional and just a tad prettier. :)

I always cringe when I walk into our bathroom and see the water soap marks on the shower glass.  It feels like one of those jobs you have to do everyday if you want it spotless.  I'm not that keen on cleaning the shower every single day.  So today I installed a shower curtain rod over our existing glass shower doors and hung a white shower curtain. Whoohoo, water marks all hidden. :)  I also bought a white bed sheet and plan to sew a ruffly cotton curtain to hang in front. But those ruffles take such a long time! :)  Add it to the list.  I'm also thinking about repainting the bathroom mirror and vanity white ....

Seeing the kids are back at school next week, I did a big clean and tidy up of Holly's room.  And Lochie's room is in the process of a full makeover.  I plan to do the board and batten walls in his room as well, and repaint the walls.  In the meantime he got a new Disney Cars quilt cover and wall poster. Plus I printed and framed some pics I found online.  As much as I wanted to do a more vintage inspired room, he is only 3 and that is what he wanted.  I've also moved a lot of his toys into his bedroom from the sunroom.  I'd love to get them all moved at some stage!  

The back verandah had amassed a large amount of furniture awaiting restyles, and so I tied that up too.  But no pics just yet. :)

So I have been keeping busy and crossing small things off my list.  I'll get there eventually. :)

Happy Australia Day long weekend to all my Aussie followers! Hope you had a lovely day yesterday.  We enjoyed a traditional lamb roast lunch. Yum! And todays rain has been a cool welcome, especially for our country's Summer bush fires.  Unfortunately, our upper state of Queensland is now being lashed with floods and cyclones.  My thoughts and prayers are with all those effected.