La Chen Maison Sign

Now that I know how cheap and easy you can make your own signs, I'm on a roll.  Here's one I whipped up out of a cutting of MDF.

It was as easy as brushing the entire board with white paint.  Then I created and printed my French wording stencil, which translates to "The Chen House".  That is our family name. :)  

Then I used the pencil rubbing method to transfer my words. I coloured in the words with black marker and then did a black paint "wash and wipe" over the top.

It came out a bit dark initially so I used some more white paint to dry brush over the top and  then lightly wiped. This blended everything nicely.

I didn't have any spare strips of wood on hand, but I think I might at a later date add a frame to the back to make it look deeper and more like a real plank of old wood.

But in the meantime I'm super happy with our personalised French family sign taking pride of place above the TV in our lounge room.

I'm currently still tweaking the lounge/dining rooms.  AND working on another sign for the dining room.  I'll do a big reveal shortly, including a new set up in the dining room which I'm really excited about.

Keep you posted!