Display Cabinet Restyled!

Finished projects seem to be few and far between lately.  I've found since my daughter started school I have less time to do anything.  Life is busy.  And I'm trying to enjoy the time I have with my son before he too starts school.  But I am happy to share that I finally finished painting my beautiful glass display cabinet white.
 I used a DIY white chalk paint, 3 coats, and sanded. I still have to put a coat of clear wax on, but overall I'm quite happy with the white.

 I also want to restyle the display items.

Do you remember the before? I also removed the sheet music background I applied but was never fully happy with.

 You might notice the display table has had a few changes too. :)

I can also reveal that we are getting some minor construction work done in the next few weeks.  Keep your eye on that wall. ;)

x Julie