DIY Range Hood Installation

Here is our new range hood (and a sneak peak at my kitchen makeover).  But let's focus on the installation of the range hood for this post. :)

This is our nasty old range hood. 

 It was so old and yellow that I painted it white in an attempt to make it look prettier. 

Then I saw a Youtube video of how to install your own new range hood.  It looked easy enough so I dragged hubby to Bunnings and told him we were getting a new range hood and I was going to install it. We chose a relatively cheap one, but one that would fit our space and do a reasonable job and provide better lighting over the stove area.

 First job was to unscrew the old one.  It literally involved unscrewing 4 screws and lifting it down.  The cord had somehow been inserted up through a very small hole, so I just cut it to remove it.

 Then I grabbed some baking paper and marked out the screw holes on the top of the new range hood.  Then I taped the baking paper to the bottom of the cabinet and marked the screw holes I needed to drill.  In hindsight I would have used a piece of cardboard as the baking paper turned out to be a bit flimsy and a couple of the holes were a few millimetres off after I drilled them.

I also drilled a bigger hole for the cord to be inserted up through.

 Then it was simply a matter of screwing the new range hood up on to the bottom of the cabinet.  I needed hubby's help for this one. We used a bin and some books to balance the range hood while we screwed.  And ta-da, our new range hood was installed.

But the gaps on the side bothered me.

So I glued 2 planks of timber to bulk out the front so it would be flush with the side cabinets.

Then I cut out a piece of MDF to fit over the front and glue it all together.  Then I caulked the sides so there were no gaps and painted it all.

This DIY project has made a massive difference to the look of our kitchen and I can finally tick replacing that nasty old range hood off the list. And the cost ... less than $100.  Admittedly, the Youtube clip took 5 minutes and it took us around 2 hours. But hey, the time spent was worth it. :) 

More on my kitchen makeover coming soon!

x Julie

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