Woohoo! I bought an Ektorp Sofa!

Woohoo, I'm officially part of the club.  After wanting one for so long, it's finally mine! I'm too excited.

I had been saving and quite honestly hoping our old sofa would just fall apart, when I spotted this sofa for half price advertised at a furniture clearance store on Wednesday.  I emailed the seller and they said I could come look at it on the Friday. I had been up all Thursday night being sick with a lovely bug my daughter brought home from school, but I was lucky to have hubby say he would drive me Friday morning.  So I wound down the car window and prayed to make it there and back without being sick (especially on the white sofa). Luck was on my side.

Usually I wouldn't buy a second hand sofa, but this was less than a year old and in excellent condition. Plus it was half full retail price and hubby haggled in free same day delivery as the middle cushion is a slightly different shade of white.  Way to go honey! So there was no way I could refuse.  I saved around $340! So now I can easily afford a spare set of covers too.

Being a super clean freak, I gave the original covers a good wash yesterday and they came up perfectly. That is the best thing about this lounge, super easy cleaning. I know all about the worry of white sofas, but everyone who has one doesn't seem to worry at all given how easy it is to wash the covers.  But we'll see how patient I am when the first "spill" occurs. ;)

So from all the reading and drooling I've done on everyone else's blog who own the same sofa, now I just have to stock up on some Napisan Oxiaction, Spot Cleaner, and a lint brush. :)

I L.O.V.E my new sofa.

I love how pretty and bright the white makes the room feel, and it is super comfortable.  And now we are heading into the cooler months, I'm sure it will be much warmer than our old leather one.  Plus now my cushions won't keep sliding off all the time! Does anyone else have that problem with leather? Very frustrating.

Eventually I'd like to replace my black leather 2 seater with another Ektorp, and maybe a different rug. :)

x Julie