Shabby Chic Green Coffee Table Restyle

Here is one of my latest furniture makeovers.

This gorgeous solid wood coffee table originally came to me with blue legs and a varnished light wood top. I painted the legs white a while ago, and the kids had been using the coffee table in the toy room so it had a few pen and texta marks on top.

So I gave it a few coats for shabby green chalk paint, then a sand to distress the edges and bring out some knots.

Plus a coat of clear varnish to really make it sparkle.

I'm not sure if the photos really capture the colour, but it is the most gorgeous vintage green and was a bargain for $3 on the mistint rack.

I wish this was a keeper, but it is too big for our cosy lounge room.  So now to find it a new home. :)  

x Julie

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