A Funny Thrifting Story

I had taken hubby with me to collect a table with 4 chairs from a house a few streets away from us.  

I'll add here that it is extremely rare for hubby to come with me on any of my collections. But it was raining and I figured it would be quicker if we both went.

We were returning home when hubby suggested we take the back streets home.  

Gee, he must have been so happy with that suggestion, especially when I slammed on the brakes, did a U turn and turned up a side street.

And what had attracted my attention?

 This cute Queen Anne dressing table and matching stool by the curb side!

Begging ME to take it home!

My eyes literally bugged out of my head. That beauty WAS coming home with me.  

I told hubby to get out and wedge that thing in the back with the rest of our furniture.  

Devastatingly it would not fit.  So, what did I do?  

Quick thinking me volunteered to take the rest of the furniture home, dump it, and come back.  

And in the meantime, hubby would stand guard over my precious discovery.  :)

The look on his face when I drove off was priceless.  I almost wet my pants laughing. He was not impressed.  

If only I thought to get a picture.  Damn.

There he stood by the roadside, all alone (except for the dresser of course), when I returned. 

The least I could do was to get out and help him load up the dressing table.

God bless you honey. You did good!

 Did I mention it was drizzling rain? Hehe.