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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

 Wishing you 

Best wishes,
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Saturday, March 30, 2013

DIY Kids Easter Baskets

It's the day before Easter Sunday and we took the kids to the shops to pick out a special Easter present.  We have been eating mini eggs for weeks so I thought something non-edible would be nice.  

Holly chose a big fluffy bunny and Lochie wanted a colouring in book.  

When we got home I explained the presents were for Easter tomorrow.  Usually I would make them something and surprise them the next day, but I thought the gifts would get me off the hook this year.  

Until ...  

the kids started talking about how excited they were that the Easter Bunny would be coming tonight and bringing them both Easter eggs.  

What?!  Should I run out to the shop tonight?  Nah, too tired. Do I do nothing? Nah, that would just end in tears.  

So ... 

it HAS to be two ...

"Last Minute Late Night DIY Kids Easter Egg Baskets"!

I found a cute free printable Easter basket on the web, printed it on some cute double sided scrapbook paper, cut, folded and glued.

Then I cute a brown paper bag into strips and stuffed each basket.

Then I added some eggs from our current stash.

Then I cut an egg shape from the left over scrapbook paper and labeled them with their names. Then I attached the tags with some ribbon.

Looking at the pics above, I think I might have been a bit stingy with the eggs so I'm stuffing the baskets with some more, but not re-photographing. :)

And all will be well again on Easter morning. :)

Do your little ones believe there is an actual Easter Bunny? 

x Julie
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Friday, March 29, 2013

DIY Kitchen Coffee Sign

I decided to make a new sign for my kitchen.  It was originally going to go on the cabinets above the new range hood, but now I'm actually liking it on the counter instead.

 It was a very easy sign to make.  I painted a blank white canvas tan, then brushed dark brown around the edge to give it a shabby effect.  Then I simply printed off my wording and shaded the back with lead pencil.  I taped it in place and traced over the wording which left a pencil impression on the canvass underneath, which I then coloured in.

 We aren't big coffee drinkers, but I do like one first thing in the morning to kick start the day, so the sign is appropriate for us. :)  

And I think I'm falling in love with tulips too!  Must be an Easter thing. :) 

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

DIY Range Hood Installation

Here is our new range hood (and a sneak peak at my kitchen makeover).  But let's focus on the installation of the range hood for this post. :)

This is our nasty old range hood. 

 It was so old and yellow that I painted it white in an attempt to make it look prettier. 

Then I saw a Youtube video of how to install your own new range hood.  It looked easy enough so I dragged hubby to Bunnings and told him we were getting a new range hood and I was going to install it. We chose a relatively cheap one, but one that would fit our space and do a reasonable job and provide better lighting over the stove area.

 First job was to unscrew the old one.  It literally involved unscrewing 4 screws and lifting it down.  The cord had somehow been inserted up through a very small hole, so I just cut it to remove it.

 Then I grabbed some baking paper and marked out the screw holes on the top of the new range hood.  Then I taped the baking paper to the bottom of the cabinet and marked the screw holes I needed to drill.  In hindsight I would have used a piece of cardboard as the baking paper turned out to be a bit flimsy and a couple of the holes were a few millimetres off after I drilled them.

I also drilled a bigger hole for the cord to be inserted up through.

 Then it was simply a matter of screwing the new range hood up on to the bottom of the cabinet.  I needed hubby's help for this one. We used a bin and some books to balance the range hood while we screwed.  And ta-da, our new range hood was installed.

But the gaps on the side bothered me.

So I glued 2 planks of timber to bulk out the front so it would be flush with the side cabinets.

Then I cut out a piece of MDF to fit over the front and glue it all together.  Then I caulked the sides so there were no gaps and painted it all.

This DIY project has made a massive difference to the look of our kitchen and I can finally tick replacing that nasty old range hood off the list. And the cost ... less than $100.  Admittedly, the Youtube clip took 5 minutes and it took us around 2 hours. But hey, the time spent was worth it. :) 

More on my kitchen makeover coming soon!

x Julie

It's Overflowing
It's Overflowing

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Just a Little More Easter Goodness!

Just a quick post to share some more Easter goodies I just bought at 50% off! :)

How cute is this wire cage bunny.

And this sweet little birdcage tea light candle holder.

x Julie
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

DIY MDF Panelled Kitchen Cabinets

The MDF panelling on the kitchen cabinets is coming along so well.  It's time consuming cutting all the pieces and sanding the edges of them all, but I'm confident the end result will be worth it. 

I've finished the bottom cabinets and just had to share.

Here's a reminder of my boring old cabinets ...

Here is how they look now with the panelling and a coat of semi gloss bright white paint ...

I added a 5cm border of MDF panels around all the doors.  I also filled all the door knob holes and moved the knobs up in line with the panels.

For the drawers, I added a piece of MDF slightly smaller than the drawer so that it gave each drawer some depth.

I also cut and added lots of small panels around the base of the cupboards.  I love the effect this created.  It worked in so well with the new trim.

And there is my beautiful new Easter tea towel from my fav store, Bed Bath n' Table. :)

I also panelled the wall on the side of the dishwasher.  So much better. :)

So there you have it.  The first half of my DIY MDF kitchen cabinets complete.

Here's a little reminder of before and after ...

I'll hopefully get the top cabinets done this week. Then after a bit of decor tweaking I'll be ready to do a full kitchen reveal. So exciting! :)

x Julie
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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Thrifty Finds

Tonight I thought I would share a few of my thrifty finds from the past few weeks.  I would have liked to be doing more DIY posts, and I am in the middle of a few projects, but none are complete. So ... lets go through my recent purchases instead. :)

I love this painting I got today.  It's a real touchable painted painting! I love the way it depicts sheets of rain reflecting on the street.  I love rainy day pictures.  There is something cozy about them. It's quite large and in perfect condition.  Now where to hang it ....

I also picked up these Fine Bone China Salt and Pepper Shaker Bunnies.  So cute and great for my Easter displays.

Who can go past enamel? I got these 2 plates and bowl, plus the really cool green teapot.  I can't wait to display them in the kitchen.

I also found this cute little silver tea pot, and the larger gold one.  Again, something for my "currently being restyled" kitchen.

I recently started collecting gorgeous old engraved cutlery.  I love this set I got today. They look so cool in my Mason jars.

Last week I picked up this old wooden toolbox.  I've always wanted one, but never come across one in my travels.  It's huge. I'm not sure what I will do with it yet.  And the intricate little bowl is perfect for displaying my Easter goodies. 

A few weeks ago I also picked up these gorgeous little (dessert?) forks.  I think I'm being to fall in love with old cutlery. :)  And the old tea pot is so tarnished.  The lady I got it from was saying how I could clean it up, but to her surprise I told her I loved it tarnished!

And finally, I found this old Brentwood style chair at a yard sale and knew it was coming home with me.  I've also got a thing for Brentwood chairs, although I don't come across many of these either.

So that is a wrap up of all my recent thrifted goodies.  I can't wait to find places to display them.  I'm also super excited to show you all the work I have been doing in the kitchen. The cabinets are looking amazing (if I do say so myself). :) We even got a new Range Hood today.  Thank God.  The old one was so nasty. I even attempted to paint it.  Anyway, I plan to install the new one myself which is another first. Where would I be without YouTube tutorials. :) Wish me luck and I hope to be sharing my kitchen reveal soon. 

Enjoy your weekend!

x Julie 
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