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Friday, November 29, 2013

DIY Rustic Little Christmas Sign

I wanted to make a cute little Christmas sign for our front door this year, but I think I might keep this one inside, so I can see it! :)

I used a scrap rectangle of MDF, painted white.

A DIY printed stencil, cut out with a craft knife.

And some black paint brushed lightly on the edges to create a worn look.  And finally a coat of clear varnish.

And I have the perfect little rustic Christmas sign for the lounge room. :)


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A Christmas Coffee Table Redo

A little touch of Christmas...

Cause what once was green ...

Now is white!

Add a little silver Christmas tree and a cute silver chalkboard tray ...

And its beginning to look a lot like Christmas. :)
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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Shabby French Writing Desk and Chair

There is just something about a cute little writing desk, don't you think?

With gorgeous sparkly crystal drawer knobs.

And a drawer lined with vintage sheet music.

Paired with a cute little French upholstered matching chair.

Just add white chalk paint, 

distressed to bring out the details.

And beautiful new fabric.

Before ...

And after ...

Absolute perfection!

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gorgeous Shabby Chic Farm House Style Dining Setting Restyled

I'm so pleased with how this dining setting turned out.  I've done a few in the past and they have always turned out amazing.  A lot of work, but worth it. :)

This is the before.

With the help of some white chalk paint and distressing, I achieved a beautiful French Shabby Chic Farm House style look.

I fell in love with the French Cafe style fabric I found at Spotlight. And it was perfect for reupholstering the chairs.

I loved the curvature of the chairs, and almost kept them for myself!

AND they are SO comfortable.

After applying two coats of clear varnish to everything, she really sparkles!

Tea anyone? :)

x Julie

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Shabby Writing Table and Chair Redo

I recently restyled this hall table and added a restyled chair so it could also be used as a writing or computer desk.

Here is the original table and chair.

A few coats of white chalk paint,

some distressing,

a few coats of clear varnish,

and a new teal ceramic pumpkin shaped drawer knob later ....

and I now have a gorgeous shabby chic table and chair set.

The chair I recovered with this gorgeous French themed upholstery fabric I recently purchased.

The table can be used as a hall table with a stand alone chair, or as a writing desk or computer table with the chair.

Alternatively, the chair could be used in a bedroom or lounge room and moved when required.

I don't have any room for this one so it is now looking for a new home. :)

x Julie

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Funny Thrifting Story

I had taken hubby with me to collect a table with 4 chairs from a house a few streets away from us.  

I'll add here that it is extremely rare for hubby to come with me on any of my collections. But it was raining and I figured it would be quicker if we both went.

We were returning home when hubby suggested we take the back streets home.  

Gee, he must have been so happy with that suggestion, especially when I slammed on the brakes, did a U turn and turned up a side street.

And what had attracted my attention?

 This cute Queen Anne dressing table and matching stool by the curb side!

Begging ME to take it home!

My eyes literally bugged out of my head. That beauty WAS coming home with me.  

I told hubby to get out and wedge that thing in the back with the rest of our furniture.  

Devastatingly it would not fit.  So, what did I do?  

Quick thinking me volunteered to take the rest of the furniture home, dump it, and come back.  

And in the meantime, hubby would stand guard over my precious discovery.  :)

The look on his face when I drove off was priceless.  I almost wet my pants laughing. He was not impressed.  

If only I thought to get a picture.  Damn.

There he stood by the roadside, all alone (except for the dresser of course), when I returned. 

The least I could do was to get out and help him load up the dressing table.

God bless you honey. You did good!

 Did I mention it was drizzling rain? Hehe.
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Monday, November 18, 2013

White Neutral Rustic Christmas Tree with Pinecones and Stars

This year I decided to go with a rustic natural theme for our white christmas tree, with an emphasis on stars and pine cones.

I used some old and new store bought decorations, mixed with some old and new handmade decorations.  Here is a look at them individually.



1. Old sheet music folded fan decorations.

2. Pine cones hung with eyelet fabric lace.

3. Bells made from wrapped tissue paper, ribbon and glitter.


1. Silver glitter doves. 

2. Large gold bauble type decorations,.

3. Clear ceramic glitter stars.

4. Cute feathery and glittery birdies.

5. Large tinsel wrapped stars.

6. My daughter's special Christmas ballerina.

7. My son's sliver Christmas train.



1. Pine Cone Flowers

 I made these sweet pine cone flowers from pine cone scales and used twine for the centres and to hang them from the tree.

Some of the pine cone flowers I also brushed with white paint.  I love these!  I had spare pine cones so these decorations cost nil to make.

2. 3D cardboard stars.

As an alternative to using round baubles, I decided to made approximately 30 3D stars from 2 sheets of cream coloured cardboard.  Then punched a hole in the top of each and tied jute twine to each to hang them.  The cardboard cost about $3 which was a very cheap and pretty alternative.


1. I purchased these cute white tin hearts from Target a few weeks ago for $3 each. 
Total cost 6 x $3 = $18.
They are so cute and were on my watch out for list so I splurged a little. :)

2. I also splashed out on these cute twine stung bells from Myer for I think $3 each also.
Total cost 4 x $3 = $12.



1. Old Sheet Music Paper Chain

I added the old sheet music paper chain garlands I made with the kids last year around the bottom of the tree.


1. Doily Garland

And I made a doily garland by cutting circles from a bunch of spare paper doilies, then sewing them all together. 


1. I purchased this cute light gold star shaped garland for $3.

2. And a garland of silver tinsel with tinsel star shapes attached for $3 also.

I strung both garland towards the top of the tree as they were more delicate.


I used a white cane basket to sit the tree in, and covered the base of the tree with white wadding to simulate snow.

And I bought a large 10 metre roll of gold and white Christmas wrapping paper which works well with the theme of the tree. (Yes, those are real presents.  I'm super organised this year!)

Finally I purchased a new set of 250 white string fairy lights for $20.  

So a total of $39 was spent on this year's Christmas tree. 

I really happy with all the decorations and the neutral colour scheme and rustic style decorations.  
It works so well with the style of our home, while still being festive and pretty.

x Julie
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