A Pink Hydrangea

Lately I have been thinking a lot about what sort of flowers I love the most and decided they are the ones I want to try to grow. It's bulb season and I've never grown anything from a bulb before, but this year I'm hoping to try two of my favourite flowers - freesias and tulips. Another one of my favourite flowers are Hydrangeas. I've never owned one, before today.

I saw some potted Hydrangeas at our grocery store a while back but they sold out before I could grab one.  After comparing prices at our local nursery, I could see why.  They were like a third of the price. I often see plants a lot cheaper at the grocery store so I always keep an eye out now.

So today when I passed the man putting out a fresh batch of Hydrangeas, I grabbed me one. :) 

I wasn't sure about pink or purple and could have stood there all day trying to pick so I decided to be spontaneous and grab the pink. It sure does stand out against all my neutrals. Maybe I'll go back for a purple one too. ;)