Antique Painted Dressing Table

This antique dressing table was a last minute spur of the moment eBay purchase. I logged on when it was ending and because it was reasonably cheap, I placed a rash bid and it was mine. Beautiful, hey?

The eBay description noted that the mirror has been removed, which didn't bother me, until I discovered that now that the mirror was gone, there was an almost 2 inch gap on top when you placed it up against the wall, as the legs jutted out at the back. 

Whilst not perfect, it's not that noticeable with all the display items on top unless you look closely.

So I decided to paint it with a light green chalk paint. 

That is where the I hit the second glitch. The paint was not covering the intricate floral carvings. I sanded and resanded, then painted and repainted. But there is still a hint of pattern coming through. You have to look closely, but it still bugs me just the tiniest bit.

After painting two coats of DIY chalk paint, I decided to darken it up a bit with a black stain.

I painted the stain on, waited a few minutes, then wiped if off with a rag, leaving just a tinge of stain.

I love the colour. It's perfect.

Then I applied a few coats of clear varnish. Reattached the original hardware and she was all finished.

This table is perfect in our living room as a display table so I will be keeping it. :)