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Thursday, October 30, 2014

New Bed Side Tables

Do you like my new/restyled bedside tables?

 I have had these bedside tables sitting in the garage for about a year. They were given to my by a dear friend. So I finally decided to pull them out and see what I could do with them.  This is how they originally looked ...

I really wanted to do them two tone, so I used my NEW Oziton Random Orbital Sander (which I love) to sand back the varnish and stain on the top of each of them.

Then I mixed up some white chalk paint and painted the rest of the cabinets and drawers in two coats.

After a light sanding I applied a clear coat of varnish to the cabinets, including the top. After it dried I  applied a final coat of varnish on top to protect it. 

I sanded back a lot of the blackness on the handles and they came up with a silvery tone instead. 

Here is a photo of the finished one next to the one I had yet to start.  Such a big difference. 

I love the way the top and handles came up. 

I love them! I love them so much I have swapped out the ones in our bedroom.   These were the old ones ...

There was only one tiny drawer and a basket underneath for general storage. 

And the new ones ...

I thought they might be a bit big, but given we have such a small room and limited storage, I think they are quite functional. 

Notice anything about the wall? Yep, it's been repainted Dulux Natural White to match in with the rest of the house.

:) Julie

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Christmas Planning

Every year I like to have a differently decorated Christmas tree. So I do lots of looking around on the net for colours and themes that take my fancy a few months before. This year, I am drawn to an aqua and gold colour scheme.  Here are some of the pictures that have inspired me.

What colour will you be having this year?

:) Julie

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Natural White Entryway Spring Tour

Here are a few pics of our entryway, also recently painted in Dulux Natural White. 

:) Julie

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Dining Room Spring Tour

I just thought I'd post a few pics of our dining room with the new wall colour of Dulux Natural White. I'm really loving the colour. It is so calming and cosy. 

:) Julie

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

A New Bed and DIY Bed Canopy for my Frozen Princess

I decided to spoil my daughter with a new bed.  I had bought her a metal one not long ago, but it just didn't really suit her room and so I knew this was the perfect excuse to get her a really nice one. :)

For two days I search all the bed stores and finally found this one at The Early Settler for $200 off.

It doesn't arrive till next week but I just had to share. Isn't it beautiful!

When I took my daughter to see it after school she wanted to know if the display canopy came with it. It wasn't for sale so I said that I would make her one.  

This is the gorgeous pink and white canopy I said I would make for her.  I love a DIY challenge. :)

And here is mine. It was super easy and only took about half an hour.

I purchased a pair of rod pocket white organza curtains from Target for $15. And 2.5 metres of hot pink organza fabric from Lincraft for $24.  For the top I purchased a small hoola hoop in the cheap store for $4, took off the tape that covered it, pulled it apart, poured out the beans, cut off a bit to make it a bit smaller (approx 60cms wide). Then I threaded the rod pocket white curtains on the hoop and clipped it back together. Too easy.

I cut my pink organza in half long ways and draped it over each side of the hoop. I attached white ribbon I purchased for $2 to the hoop to hang it from the ceiling, then secured the pink organza with a hair tie around the hanging ribbons so they were concealed and let the organza drape down over the top of the hair tie.

I used some more of the white ribbon to tie the curtains on each side in bunches similar to little rosettes to hold them open. Same as the one we saw in the shop.

I might add some bunched white organza to the top like the one in the shop, but for now she is very happy with it how it is.  And it only cost $45.

We just have to wait for the bed now. :)

P.S. The Frozen bedding was a birthday gift and I have hung the scene setters from her party on her bedroom wall. 

:) Julie

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Vintage Green Painted Side Tables

I was lucky to come across these beautiful side tables recently. The gentleman who sold them to me said they were handmade in 1952. Aren't they adorable.  I love the Queen Anne legs and glass tops.

I forgot to take a before shot, but they were stained brown wood in their original condition.

Of course, they needed a restyle to be even more amazing. 

I used a quarter strength aqua green chalk paint.

Distressed lightly.

Then I used my black stain to apply and wipe off to give it a slightly darker and aged appearance.

Then added a coat of clear varnish. 

I don't know why, and help me out here if you do, but they varnish immediately started to dry slightly brownish in areas. 

I used the same varnish just recently and had no problems.  Having said that, I like the extra added aged effect it brings.

There were no drawer knobs so I drilled holes and added these super cute and sparkly clear crystal knobs.  Love them to bits!

I also decided to add some vintage charm by lining the drawers with genuine old sheet music pages.

Then back on with the beautiful glass tops.

And these cute side tables are finished. :)

:) Julie
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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Spring Lounge Room in Dulux Natural White Tour

It's beautiful Spring here in Australia so I'm cleaning out the winter cobwebs and thought it would be a good time to do a few Spring room tours. 

Here is the lounge in all it's sunny glory. :)  Since my last tour, the walls have been repainted Dulux Natural White and I love them. They won't be changing again for a long time. 

Julie :)
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