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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Boys Lego Star Wars Bedroom!

My 4 year old boy wanted a makeover in his room too, so after much indecision he decided on Lego Star Wars.

I was going to repaint the walls, but that didn't end up being a necessity, so instead I just printed off Lego Star Wars characters and blue tacked them to the walls.

I gave his furniture a little rearrange, adding some toy storage cubes from the toy room into his bedroom.  I then used his large plastic storage boxes and stacked them with larger toys. On the fronts I attached labels I printed off using a Star Wars font.

He had a nice brown blanket he uses in winter which covered his quilt and various quilt covers so I didn't invest in any new bedding.

I added a black basket at the end of his bed for his dress up storage. Little boys love to dress up too!  And a basket for all his lightsabers. 

I'm still deciding on a new rug, either green or blue.

Finally, around the room I put on display some of his Star Wars toys.

And he is one happy little Lego Star Wars fan. 

We had wanted to get him a loft bed as his room is quite small but those beds are quite expensive and Hubby is confident he can raise up his current bed. So that's Hubby's next project. 
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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Little Girls Disney Frozen Bedroom!

Like almost every other 6 year old girl at the moment, my daughter is in love with the movie "Frozen". We saw it twice at the movies, and she watches it sometimes twice a day at home.  The whole family is constantly singing the songs or saying quotes from the movie. So when she mentioned she would love a Frozen themed bedroom, I was up for the challenge.

Here is what her room looked like when I did her last makeover a year ago.  Since then we had replaced the curtains with her old tan ones and I had bought her a new white farmhouse style metal bed.

Her walls were pink as above, but we both agreed an icey blue would be perfect. I was lucky to have a tin of mis-tinted blue paint spare in my stash that I picked up cheap a while back.  I just added some more white to lighten it up a bit and make it go a bit further. I got two coats on the walls in one day while she was at school.

A while ago I sewed some blue block out curtains for the lounge room but they were taken down and packed away. We decided to use these in her room and took down the current tan coloured ones. The new blue ones matched perfectly.

I found the cute Disney Princess Wardrobe at Target marked down to $15. Total score! Perfect for hanging up her Elsa dress.

We found a magazine at the newsagents enclosing a movie poster which we got laminated to put on her wall.

For decorations, I had two packets of white paper doilies on hand which I folded and cut into snow flakes. I simply used blu tac to attach them to the wall.

I searched the web and found some cool character pictures which I printed out. Then we decided on our favourite quotes and printed them out and added them to the characters on the wall, again with blu tac.

For toy storage, I replaced her red plastic buckets with blue fabric cube bins and 2 blue plastic bins.

Barbie's Malibu House doubles as a Castle for her Elsa and Ana dolls, who love to sing on the balcony. :)

For her bedside light, I had a lamp which had a cute glass feature that blended in with the snowy theme.

I took down her main birdcage style light shade and replaced it with her old pink shade that was next to her bed. Then I added a few more snow flakes. The pink is similar to Ana's cape so works perfectly and breaks up some of the blue.

Finally, I ordered her a new plush blue rug. She has had her Dora one for years and I have been wanting to replace it. Now was the time to "Let it Go!". I decided that this was a "need" rather than a "want", which could be mixed up with different themes in future. Therefore, I haven't included this expense in the total make over cost. :)

I decided not to change her bedding as her sheets are already all white and her pale pink polkadot quilt cover is quite new. She has a plush white blanket which I usually fold at the end of her bed, but now that it is winter it can be made up with the rest of the bed to look like a perfect blanket of snow on the bed. 

Total cost of this project:

Paint (on hand) - Nil
Curtain (on hand) - Nil
Magazine poster and laminate - $13.50
Snow flakes (on hand) - Nil
Characters and quotes print outs - Nil
Bedside lamp (on hand) - Nil
Main light shade (on hand) - Nil
Toy boxes - $25
Wardrobe - $15
Rug - $100 but not counted in make over.
Bedding (on hand) - Nil

Total cost - $53.50. And I'm a happy snowman!!!  Or snow lady. ;)

I love that I didn't buy anything theme based (except the movie poster), not that there is anything available in the shops anyway! I was able to use lots of items I already had or made to create a beautiful Frozen themed wonderland that my daughter (and I) both love.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Another Ikea Ektorp Sofa and an Update on My First One!

I originally posted about my excitement in getting my coveted White Ikea Ektorp Sofa here

That was just over a year ago.  So I thought I'd do one of those updates on how it has stood the test of time, especially given it is white! 


And, announce I now have the matching 2 seater!

So, overall I'm super happy with my 3 seater sofa.  I have noticed that the covers get dirtier faster in Summer with lots of little dirty feet curling up on it.  But in Winter, with lots of little socked feet on it, it's not so bad. 

The kids aren't allowed to eat or drink on the sofa, so we haven't had any major spills, but any small marks I just spray with Napisan spot remover before washing and they come straight out.

I probably wash the covers about every 2 or 3 months to keep them looking like new.  And I love that newly washed detergent smell. They are really easy to take off and I can get them washed and dried in one day, sometimes with a little bit of time in the drier on colder days. I've noticed too that the cushions can get a bit saggy, but when you wash the covers and put them back on the whole lounge bounces back, just like brand new.  And no, I don't iron them. I just pull the bottom corner pleats into place as neat as possible.

Our sofa is super comfortable and fits perfectly with the farmhouse style of our lounge room. In fact, I loved it so much that when I just happened to spot a 2 seater on the weekend on ebay for a great price, I just had to have it. 

And with a new white cover it looks perfect!

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Shabby Old Clock Face Table

I got this little round breakfast / dining table a while ago and after painting it with white chalk paint and sanding it all back, I knew I wanted to do some sort of stencil on top.

After a bit of Googling, I decided on a shabby clock face.  I got this one from The Graphics Fairy.

Here is the stencil I blew up and printed off to fit on the tabletop. I shaded the back with lead pencil, then traced the top to leave a lead imprint on the table.

I painted the numbers in with black paint, but when it came to doing the thin outer lines, it got messy. So I modified the design a bit and this was the outcome. 

Then I sanded the top again to rough up the clock face and give it an aged effect.

The legs also got a coat of white chalk paint which I sanded and distressed around the edges.

Finally, I applied 2 coats of clear varnish to seal and protect.

I love how this table turned out.  


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Thursday, May 1, 2014

French Farmhouse Table and Chair Set Restyled

This is a another cute Farmhouse style dining set I restyled recently.

Both the chairs and table were originally bare varnished wood.  I gave everything 2 coats of white DIY chalk paint.

I like two tone furniture, but I absolutely love an all white table.

I recovered the chair seats with a French upholstery fabric. 

Everything was lightly sanded and distressed to create an aged effect.

And then 2 coats of clear varnish completed the look.

Those chair backs took forever to paint and sand. I think I'll pick less intricate chairs in future. 

But overall I think this dining setting came up beautifully. 

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