Padded Dining Room Bench Seat with Removable Washable Drop Cloth Cover

I managed to finish painting my dining table and chairs just prior to Christmas. I'm in love with my Faux Plank Table Top. I mentioned how I wanted to also add a bench seat, and now I have. :)

I used one of the bench seats from our outdoor setting as these rarely get used. 

I had an old quilt cover and it was perfect to use as seat padding. 

I just measured it out and cut it to size. I used a double layer so it would be softer. 

I was going to keep the cotton cover on, but it was a bit lumpy and given it had flat wadding inside it was easy enough to just pull the stitched cotton cover off.

I used my staple gun to attach the wadding and cut off the overhang. 

I purchased a canvas drop sheet from Bunnings Hardware for $25. It was the right width which mean't I only had to overlock one cut edge, and I have a lot left over for another project. My daughter suggested curtains. :)

The cover itself was quite easy to make. I measured the seat and then cut a rectangle to size. Then I cut side length squares out of each corner, pinned the edges together and sewed them. Too easy.

I'm thrilled with how it turned out. I must admit I love a good upholstering and sewing project using drop cloth. :)

The slip cover is easy to remove and wash which is a bonus with 2 small children. 

And I think the bench seat really opens up this area and makes it more inviting.

The extra two seats I've placed on either side of my white sideboard.

I'm so happy with how my bench seat turned out. Do you like or have a bench seat?