Vintage Farmhouse Laundry Room Reveal

Like our bathroom, our laundry room is tiny. 

I used to use this room to store my paints and drop clothes and all manner of household stuff. I don't have a before photo as this room was always so messy, but I do have a photo taken in the laundry a few years ago when I made this sign ...

Behind the sign is our dryer (with a mess on top) and our 20 plus year old washing machine that my husband bought long before we met. I was just waiting for it to break down so I could get a new one. And guess what, finally, a few months ago, it did. So, we got a new one. With the new machine I decided to give the room a nice makeover, on a budget of course.

So welcome (for the first time ever) to a tour of my vintage farmhouse style laundry. 

As you can see, the laundry room is off our kitchen. 

The first addition was this cute metal laundry sign. I used a sign I already had and just painted over it with white paint, then stencilled the word "Laundry" on top and filled it the letters with a black marker. I hung it over the entryway to the laundry.

As you walk in, on the left hand side, is a storage cupboard.

I had previously made the framed chalkboard and it worked well on the old louver door. I just added a thumb tack at the back, threaded the twine through the louvers and hooked it over the tack. 

Although the previous owners had freshly tiled the entire room with plain white tiles, they kept a few original features. One of which was the louvre cupboard door. I love it's chippiness.

We put the dryer back up on the wall mount above our new washing machine. :)

This gave me room for the new white storage cupboard I found on gumtree for $40. It is in great condition and is perfect for storing all our pet supplies, some of my paint stuff and laundry detergents.

The cupboard door was a bit ordinary so I added a few framed prints.

The framed print of the lady ironing I printed off Google. I had the frame already. (Yes, I have a stash of old photo frames to last me forever.)

The old clothespin graphic I found on The Graphics Fairy website. I used Block Posters to enlarge it, then printed it on my printer. The frame I already had.

I replaced the boring door handle with this cute ceramic one I had sitting in a drawer just waiting to find the perfect home.

The baskets I found on clearance in Target a while back. They came in a 2 pack with a slightly smaller matching basket which I'll use somewhere else. They were a bargain marked down to just $6 a set. I made the labels for the baskets after finding some vintage labels on Google and adding my own wording - Whites and Denims. 

The large MDF Laundry sign I made a while ago and had hung on the dryer wall mount hooks when the dryer was on the floor. I decided to make it smaller and pop it on top of the washing machine ...

to hide the unsightly taps and cords.

Next to the washing machine is the original laundry sink.

I decided to dress her up a bit with a cute drop cloth skirt. I had the fabric on hand so again, no cost there.

The white ruffled curtain I made a few years ago. I decided to take it up a bit to let a bit of light in the bottom of the window. 

The window is also original and I love the chippy winding handle.

I decided to extend the curtain rod out over the door so I added another bracket and cut another rod to length. I used curtains I made a while ago and had stashed away. 

They cover the ironing board I mounted on the door. I don't use it that often as I have a table top board so it's perfectly hidden but easy to get out too. 

The wire laundry baskets I made recently.

And that is the laundry room full circle.

I still need to tidy up the cupboards a bit as you can see ...

But overall I'm pretty happy with my makeover. I was able to repurpose lots of things or make them with materials I already had. The only cost was the cane baskets and making the wire laundry baskets. 

:) Julie

Updated - I've had a lot of people inquiring about how I hung the dryer and why it is upside down. The simple answer is I live in Australia. Everything is upside down. Kidding. But we do have wall mounted dryers that you hang on metal brackets that you attach to the wall. The brackets come with the dryer, as does another insert for the buttons on the machine so you can read them the other way round. Below is the new insert. If you hang the machine upside down you can reach the buttons easier, but you can hang it either way. Hope this clears things up(side down). ;)

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