French Display Cabinet Makeover

I purchased this gorgeous display cabinet a few years ago from a lovely lady whose husband had made it.  Originally it was this dark timber, but had a gold striped wallpaper in the back. I replaced the backing with old sheet music. 

Later on I decided to remove the sheet music and paint it all green, with a white background.

Later, I changed my mind again and painted it all white ...

I later distressed the edges so the original dark stain came through, but the idea of adding chicken wire to the glass was always in the back of my mind.

Then I stumbled upon this gorgeous cabinet at Stone Gable last week and knew this was the effect I wanted. See how similar it is in shape and totally swoon worthy.

So here was the first attempt. Not very pretty. I began sanding back most the cabinet to raw wood, then figured I didn't really need to do that and it would be easier to just paint it white again and use a brown paint to distress the edges. Only I went a bit overboard with the brown paint.

On the second attempt I added a bit more white paint over the brown. It was nice, but still a bit too much brown.

And finally, third time lucky! A used more white paint to fill in most of the cabinet, leaving only a bit of brown on the edges and details.

I got there eventually.

I also added some chicken wire behind the glass inserts.

I'm really happy with the way it finally turned out.

Have you ever had one of those projects that just doesn't go the way you want it to, but you get there in the end?

:) Julie

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