Faux Farmhouse Dining Table Drawer

This is a little project I did back around Easter time. 

I had a cheap coat hook hanger that I had bought and put away, knowing I'd find a use for it one day.  I decided to use the wooden back as my drawer front, so I removed the hooks. I also had an old grey wooden drawer knob which would be perfect to make my faux drawer knob.

So I puttied the screw holes and painted it white and distressed the edges. Then I used Hard as Nails wood glue to attach on the drawer knob. 

I measured out the centre of my table and glued my faux drawer on. Then clamped it on to keep it secure until the glue dried.

It was that easy.

It adds a bit of interest to the table and makes it a bit more farmhouse.

:) Julie


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