Pianola Roll Cabinet

I found this vintage Pianola Roll Cabinet at a Church sale a few months back.
I had never seen one before and didn't even know what it was until
the seller explained. How cool, right?

Here it is in it's full original purchased state. It must have been sitting in an old
garage for a very long time cause it was filthy.

But after a good scrub it really sparkled. It could do with a new coat of varnish,
but it's fine for the time being.

There is a lot of the original shelves missing and some of the side brackets 
need repair, so I'm not actually using it to store anything yet.

The only change I have made is by adding some drop cloth to the inside of the door panel.
I am guessing this might have previously had a glass insert.

This unique piece of furniture if a definite keeper.

The new cabinet replaces my old green one in the corner next to the TV.

And now that the weather is warming up and we aren't using our wood fire as much, 
I've moved our furniture back to it's usual arrangement in the lounge and dining rooms.
Oh, and my might have noticed my French doors are white again!

I'll be posting a full lounge and dining room Spring tour soon! 

:) Julie

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