Chalk Paint Flocked Christmas Tree

With only 7 weeks before Christmas, I decided to start on my Christmas DIY.

The first project I'm sharing with you is my little Chalk Paint Flocked Christmas Tree.

But before I decided to use Chalk Paint to flock my tree,
I found this great post here on how to use a spray
bottle to paint a Christmas tree.

I did this first so I thought I would share that experience here as well.

 Here is my tree last year. I thought I would test it on my small green tree
before I used it on our large green Christmas tree, just in case. 

I started by filling a spray bottle with one part flat white paint and 2 parts water.
Then gave it a good shake while covering it with a paper towel to avoid
any splashes. That was a great tip cause the bottle did leak a bit.

Then I spread my tarp out on the lawn and placed my tree on top.
I tried to make sure all the branches were spread out evenly.

Then I started spraying. After the first coat dried I added a second coat.

I noticed after I brought it inside that some of the lower underside branches
were not coated so I took it back outside and tipped it upside down
and fixed up the bits I missed.

I'm really impressed with how well this technique worked.
The paint dried really quickly outside and when I ran my fingers through
the branches, none of the paint was flaking off.

But I wanted a bit more snow on my branches.

Enter the White Chalk Paint idea!

I had a tray of white Chalk Paint from another project that had been sitting for a
few days so it was a thicker consistency than normal, which looked perfect.

I dipped my finger tips in and gently stroked the paint on the branches.

A few branches on and I realised that the branches were flicking spots of paint everywhere on application, so I moved it from the kitchen table to a tarp on the lounge room floor.

Then I took it outside to dry. In hindsight I should have done it all outside as there was still a lot of paint splatters on the floor and on me! Luckily this stuff cleans up easily.

Here is the dried result.

I probably could have applied another coat but overall I'm pretty happy with the result.

Here is the before and after ...

It really brought out the details in the branches.

I might just do our big tree too!

:) Julie

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