Blue and White Distressed Dining Room Cabinet

My website ain't called Restyle Relove for nothing!

My dining room cabinet got yet another makeover,
this time back to a distressed white outside and a pale blue inside.

The navy was beautiful, but I wanted something lighter.

Something that would match in better with my blue and white sideboard ...

And the pop of blue in the back of the cabinet really makes my trinkets stand out.

To distress the outside I mixed up a brown paint and wiped it on. 
Then wiped some of it off with a wet cloth. 
Then did a light dry brush over the top with the white paint again. 

I also painted the old paling fence post curtain hangers on the doors a pale blue and am currently sewing blue cushion covers for the dining room chairs. (Spot our cat? She likes them.)

:) Julie

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