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Monday, October 31, 2016

Our Halloween Porch

I won't talk you through this post, rather I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. 

(I found inspiration for this sign on Pinterest here.)

Happy Halloween Everyone!

:) Julie

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Quick DIY Halloween Spell Book

For this project, I used the free printable available here.  

For my book I used a large old atlas which had aged pages at the front.

I simply printed the spells and glued them in.

I love how the aged pages matched in with the aged look of the spells.

Next year I'd like to make something a bit more fancy, but I'm still pretty pleased with how good this will look propped up in my Halloween display.

:) Julie

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween Eyeballs in a Jar of Green Slime

Okay, so I saw this on Pinterest somewhere, but I'm sure it's not a new idea, so I'll just show you what I did.

First step, gather your supplies - green jelly, old coffee jar (labels removed) and plastic eyeballs.

I began by chopping up the jelly finely with a knife. Then with the help of my son, we spooned the jelly into the jar, adding eyeballs as we went, making sure they were on the outside of the jar so you could see them.

Then we put the lid on, and the kids finished off the left over jelly. Win, win. Hehe. 

I put the jar back in the fridge and hope my jelly doesn't go funny before I need it tomorrow night. Next time I'd probably make a proper slime, but I didn't have the correct ingredients and this seemed liked like a good idea at the time. Fingers crossed.

:) Julie

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DIY Halloween Potions and Poisons Bottles

I got this idea and the free label download from here.  

This is another quick project I whipped up last minute for Halloween.

To begin, I purchased two glass bottles with cork lids from The Reject Shop. 

And grabbed my black poster paint and PVA glue.

Then I poured a mixture of black paint and glue inside each bottle. Covering the cork caps with plastic before replacing them, so no paint would get on the lids.

Then I began shaking the mixture together and rolling it around to coat the inside of each bottle.
Then I poured out the excess paint and left them to dry over night.

When they dried, I put the caps back on, and printed and attached my labels. 

The little orange bottle is actually a candle I already had. I just attached one of the cool Halloween bottle labels.

I love the way they turned out. They will look great next to my DIY Garbage Bag Cauldron!

:) Julie
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DIY Large Halloween Paper Mache Pumpkin

I got this idea from a pin I saw here on Pinterest.

I started with a plastic garbage bag, filling it with scrunched up newspaper, then tying it closed at the top.  I added a cone of scrap cardboard for the stem. Then I tied twine around my bag to create the pumpkin creases. After this I covered the twine with masking tape.

Next step was the paper mache. Using a paint brush to apply the flour/water mixture make the process I little less messy.

Then I put my pumpkin outside in the sun to dry, turning if after a few hours to ensure underneath dried too. Now her is where I admit I was a bit lazy and didn't bother adding any more layers. I just dove straight in to painting my pumpkin white. In hindsight, I should have put more paper in my bag to begin with as the paper mache began to sink a bit when I was painting it. But I guess this also added character, well, that's my excuse.

When it was dry I went over the creases with black marker to add a bit of detail.

And here is my finished pumpkin.

It's fragile, but good for adding to my halloween porch display tomorrow, and best of all it didn't cost anything to make!

:) Julie
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DIY Garbage Bag Halloween Cauldron

I found my inspiration for my cauldron here on Pinterest.

I didn't want to purchase an expensive bucket, so I used an old plant pot we had in the shed. I used a cardboard box to cut my curves out for the sides. And wrapped it all in electrical tape.

I had a small black table which I was able to unscrew the legs off, and this would form the top of my cauldron.

Here is where I cheated. Instead of using corpious amounts of tape and paper mashe, I simple covered my pot with a black garbage bag.

I next added some cushion stuffing for a smoky effect, and some green spiderweb, complete with spiders for a potion brewing effect.

Hubby came up with the idea of adding some fire wood to the bottom and I'll use some scrap red cardboard for my flames when I set it up on the porch on Monday. I'll post more picks in my Halloween Porch post.

So all I had to buy was the spider web for $2. 

Such a cheap option and I think it turned out well enough for my porch display this year.

:) Julie
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Thursday, October 27, 2016

DIY Fabric Halloween Pumpkins

Living in Australia, I've always been bah-hum-bug when it comes to Halloween, but this year I decided to ask the kids what they wanted to do and go with it. Of course, they wanted to celebrate Halloween.  So with less than a week to go I've been frantically pinning and crafting and costume shopping (for the kids, not me).

One of the projects I completed today was these fabulous DIY fabric pumpkins. I got my inspirations from pins I found here and here (note: the twine curling did not work for me).

These are so easy to make. In fact, I had 3 large pumpkins whipped up in a before lunch.  

To begin, I just eyeballed my fabric and cut it into a rough rectangle which folded over into an approximate square. I used the sewing machine to sew up the open side, then tided the bottom together with twine.

After flipping the fabric inside out, I stuffed my pumpkins with stuffing, leaving a fistful of fabric which I wrapped with twine at the base, then wrapped and hot glued the stems with different fabrics. For my orange pumpkin I used some scrap brown velvet style fabric, then tied some burlap at the base.  I left the gathered fabric to represent the natural creases of a pumpkin. 

 Ta-dah! Easy, right?

For my white pumpkin I used some thick white curtain fabric, and for extra emphasis on the creases I wrapped jute twine around my pumpkin.

For the stem I cut off my fabric stem and folded it down, hot gluing it to the rest of my pumpkin. I got some more of my white fabric and wrapped it in a roll, then wrapped it in cloth rope. Then I hot glued it all in place. 

For my third pumpkin I used scrap burlap and sewed brown cotton around the pumpkin to create the illusion of creases. 

For the stem I sewed the top closed, then glued a square of fabric over the top. Then I rolled up a scrap piece of burlap to create my stem, leaving the frayed edge up, then hot glued it in place. I then bent my stem and hot glued the fabric so it would stay at an angle.

And there are my 3 easy to sew fabric pumpkins that I will be using in our front verandah Halloween display. I wanted to stick with the neutral colours, but I'm pretty happy with pop of orange as well.  

And most importantly, I used all scrap materials so these did not cost a cent to make!

:) Julie

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