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Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year and My 5 Favourite Posts of 2016

Happy 2017 everyone! 

2016 was a pretty quiet year for DIY for me. I was undertaking a course most of the year to begin a new career path in Education Learning Support, which in turn lead to me returning to the workforce after 9 years as a stay at home mum.  This meant a lot less time, and energy, for DIY.  I love my new job and 2016 was definitely a year of positive change for me and my family. 

But DIY will always be a passion for me and I look forward to not only a productive but also creative 2017.

Looking back over my posts from 2016, I chose these as my favourite 5:

Happy Creative 2017!
😀   Julie

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  1. Happy New Year Julie. Wishing you happiness, lots of unexpected joy and new DIY's for the new year.


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