How to Restuff Ikea Ektrop Sofa "BACK CUSHIONS" - AND an Update on my Seat Cushions

The most popular post on my blog by far is "How to Restuff Ikea Ektrop Sofa Cushions Cheap, Easy and Quick", which I blogged almost 2 and a half years ago.

Today I wanted to follow up on that post with how I added stuffing to the back cushions, and to give you an update of how my original stuffing in the seat cushions have stood the test of time.

Let's start with the stuffing I recently added to the back cushions, what I used and how it turned out.

You may remember from my original post in January 2015 that I didn't stuff the cushions on the back of the couches. Unlike the seat cushions, they don't have a zipper opening to put any stuffing in. And, I found that taking the covers off for washing seemed to puff them back up again when I put the covers back on so it didn't really bother me that they sagged a bit. Until now. 

Here is how they often look after a few weeks ...

And no amount of fluffing can fix those sags easily.
(Although, another sneaky tip is to  turn them round. They look a lot better having been flat against the back of the lounge.  For a little while, anyway, until they sag again.)

It wasn't until I bought a new pillow from Ikea that I discovered how to fix this. I originally bought the pillow for my head, but it was sadly way too soft, and the stuffing kept separating and clumping in the pillow.

What if I cut the pillow in half, creating two long narrow pillows that I could put in the tops of my couch cushions.  The pillow was the perfect length.

So I wiggled the filling to each side and pinned the centre with two rows of pins.

Then I cut down the centre of the pin lines.

Next, I repinned them for sewing, tucking in the seams so they couldn't fray should I need to wash them.

Next I sewed the pillows up.

Then I took out my cushions, placed these in the bottom of the covers, then put my old cushions back in and zipped them all up. I flipped them around and put them back on the couch.

Note: If you can find a lumber pillow insert of a similar size, you could also use that instead.

Look how proud those cushions are standing! Lol.

The back cushions are holding up perfectly!

I'll also be doing our 3 seater when I get back to Ikea and purchase another pillow. These pillows were only $8 each, so pretty cost effective to cut up.

And in case you were wondering, I am in love with the Lofallet Beige colour covers I purchased 6 weeks ago. (Full post here.) They really do hide a lot of our pet hair (even though I vacuum regularly), and any grubby marks are far less noticeable. 

And now drum roll please!
So how are my stuffed seat cushions standing up after almost 2 and a half years? 

(See original post here.)

They are still soft and comfortable.
I haven't noticed any major deflation and as I've said before,
they do fluff up a bit again when you take the covers off for washing.

I am extremely happy with these quick, cheap and easy fixes for my couches. 

Good luck if you try either of these methods. Definitely cheaper than buying new couches. 

:) Julie

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