French Script Bookcase

My finished french script inspired bookcase!

Again, in my excitement, I forgot to take a "before" pic.  Here is an "in the middle of" pic.  
If you can imagine, the whole bookshelf was painted a horrible dark greenish grey colour. 

Firstly I painted the outer sides with white chalk paint. Love my chalk paint.  
Goes on so thick you only need one coat!  
When the paint was dry I sanded off all the little gritty bits that chalk paint seems to leave.
Then I printed off some french script wording to fit on the sides. 

 I taped the words on and then traced them with a pen, leaving the imprint on the wood underneath.
Then I mixed up some grey chalk paint and filled in the words by hand with a paintbrush.

Finally I used the rest of the grey chalk paint to paint the inside shelves of the bookcase.

After waiting for the paint to fully dry I gave it a light sand.
Then I fully distressed the entire piece, paying attention to the areas that would have taken most the wear.
Finally I applied a coat of furniture wax to seal and protect the paint.

I love the way the wax brings out the distressing details.

Just a reminder ...



  1. this is so cute! i am looking for a bookcase for my daughter right now- this would be perfect!


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