Kitchen Vintage Inspired Glass Jar Labels for Tea, Coffee and Sugar

I have been dying to print some more vintage labels and add them to some cute glass jars.  With my kitchen make over in full swing, it was the perfect opportunity.  

Generally we store our tea, coffee and sugar in these containers - 

We rarely drink tea so its just for display purposes.  And we don't use sugar very often, so it gets put away in the cupboard and only brought out for visitors.  I don't like the bowl anyway!

So I searched my growing jar collection and came up with these lovely ones. The red lids look fab with all my other red accents.  Then I jumped on my Mac, designed some cute little vintage inspired labels, printed them off and Modge Podged them to my jars.  So simply.  Love the way they have turned out.  I don't have to hide our sugar now. :)  

Now I just have to find the perfect coffee jar.  I'll update you when the set is complete. :)

Update - I now have my coffee jar and here is the complete collection!