Old Desk Make Over - Part 1 - The Before Photos

Wow, did I luck out this weekend!  One old desk in need of a lot of TLC.  I could have fell over when the guy said $5, but instead, I said SOLD!

What did I actually see ....


And a new sewing table. :)

My first big furniture make over.  And I'm so excited.

I had taken the drawers out and began sanding (in my excitement) before taking a before shot.  So here it is with the drawers removed.


Every drawer had a split piece of wood ... in the same place.  Very strange, but all pieces were present so nothing a bit of wood glue won't fix. :)

I actually don't mind the colour so much, but maybe not so bright.  So I was thinking white, but now I'm leaning towards a duck egg blue rubbed over with a black glaze.  Hmmm...

I can't wait to go shopping for handles and maybe locks or knobs on the top drawers.  And maybe some pretty paper to line the drawers!

Keep you posted! :)