Old Desk Make Over - Part 2 - Progress So Far

Well, this certainly is harder than I expected.  The drawers were a breeze and are all complete.  I finished sanding and stripping the desk top today (myself and the kids all had paint dust stuck to our feet!). There was a lot of paint to remove.  Only 2 coats, but it felt like 10.  And finally an undercoat and a stain coat were completed tonight.  Now I'm exhausted. But also very excited. I think one more undercoat, 2 main coats and another stain coat and it will be done.  Unless I decide to distress.  To distress or not to distress, that is the question.  Especially when there is blue paint underneath. Hmm.  Would it be worth distressing back to the wood and then dark staining?  Possibly.  Keep you posted.