Ottoman to Oh Man!

We purchased 2 black ottoman/footstools about 5 years back BK (before kids).  They lasted us well, until we acquired a very playful kitten with very sharp claws, and a 2 year old who decided it would be fun to pick (okay, more like rip) the vinyl off the side of one of them, leaving a massive big tear.  Not impressed.  Anyway, what's a girl to do.  Make over time!!!

Here's the finished ottoman...

And here is a pic of what the ottoman looked like before, sporting the very unpleasant tear.

I turned to my stash of canvas drop cloth and made a basic cover for the ottoman.  Not too hard considering all the sides were equally square. :)

Then I printed some gorgeous transfers of vintage sewing advertisements and a sewing machine off The Graphics Fairy website and ironed them on.

I'm liking the transfers, but thinking I could probably add a few more for interest. :)

 Then I decided to secure it to the bottom with thumb tacks which can easily be taken out and the cover removed for washing. :)

I saw some similar ottomans for $300!!

I've already picked my stencils for the other ottoman which I'm planning on covering also.  I'll keep you updated. :)