My Endless Christmas Creativity

So I thought I had done all my decorating and creating and gift making and blogging for Christmas a few days ago.  Wrong.  So with only 3 days until Christmas my creative mind was racing and so I managed to squeeze in a few more projects. :) 

I made this cute fabric two way tote for a lovely friend.  It's great to just grab and go.  I love how soft the cotton fabric is and that it holds a lot. I was tempted to keep it myself, but having given it to her I am thrilled that she liked it too.

I also could not resist making these cute little 3D stars for our Christmas tree.  They were so easy and look  so pretty.  And were made from scrap cardboard that had a slight sheen.  I really like them.  And I recovered some of our red Christmas baubles with cream coloured fabric and white lace.

I also dragged out more Christmas lights having developed Christmas light envy from the neighbour's amazing light display.  Some fairy lights in the window and flashing candy canes lit up the entire porch. The porch bench is another unfinished project.  But it still got a lovely wreath added to it. I would have liked to have added some potted Poinsettias.  Maybe next year.

I decorated our inside front door with my daughter's Santa that she made at preschool.  The grandparents loved it!

So it's the end of a very busy Christmas day (and the few weeks leading up) with lots of family, yummy food and presents!  The kids are now tucked in bed and hubby and I are relaxing.  

 thoughts of next year's Christmas decorating run through my head. :)