Weekends Thrifty Finds

This weekend I visited a secondhand market I had not been to before.  Thanks to my dear friend for the tip off. Wow. Only 15 minutes away with lots of vintage and antique wares.  What a way to spend my birthday! 

So what did I buy.  Well, I picked up these beautiful old tins.  
I have been looking around for some for a while to add to my vintage collection. 
 Don't you just love old rusty tins with those gorgeous old adverts on them. :)

I also came across this old compass set in the original tin.  Cool, hey?  I'm thinking of displaying it on a shelf (up high and after removing all instruments) in my son's room.

I also came across these cute old glass bottles.  One used to have some sort of antiseptic and the other hair tonic!  Complete with original smells inside!  Gross, they'll be getting a good clean. Still, will look fab on display - somewhere. 
For 25 bucks the lot I was a very happy shopper. :)
Happy Birthday to me!