OMG - I received the Liebster Award!

What is the Liebster Award you might be asking?

Liebster means beloved, favorite, dearest in German.  The Liebster Award and is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers to promote and encourage new friendships among the blog community.

After Debbie from Inspired Honey Bee received the Liebster Award herself, she passed on the love by nominating my blog, and in particular my Numbered Crate On Wheels, with the same prestigious and humbling award.  

Debbie wrote:
 "Repurposing is so important to me and if I can't sell or donate it, there will be a new use. That's what I love about Knot All That I Seam (clever, I know). I recently fell in love with her numbered crate on wheels and I hope to find something similar to put some potted plants in! Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us!"

Wow, thank you for such an amazing wrap Debbie!  It's so nice to know I'm inspiring other people in the blogging world, and gaining new friends along the way. :)

You can read Debbie's full post here at Inspired Honey Bee: IHB receives the liebster award! to see all the nominated sites. :) 

While you are there, be sure to check out Debbie's amazing blog.

Now it's my turn to share the love and nominate 5 deserving sites too. What a hard decision!  I'm going to have to think on this one. :)


  1. You are super duper welcome!! You deserve it and I love what you showcase!!! Thanks for the inspiration. Debbie @ Inspired Honey Bee


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