WANTED - Wire Cutlery Holder

Okay, so I've seen something I really like on the net and have been searching and obsessing about getting one for days.  Has this ever happened to you? What was it?

I saw this super gorgeous "must, must, must have" wire cutlery holder on a recent blog post (which I've searched for but can't find to give credit to unfortunately), but was able to find a pic on Google.

Here it is ........

Isn't it just divine! So Shabby French!

But of course, only available in America. :(  Moving has crossed my mind.

Then this afternoon I was looking on Flower Power's website at the Homewares, and guess what I found ...

No, not the same one, but very similar. :)

I'm going to repurpose this pot plant holder into a cutlery holder. I can either replace the pots with glass jars (which I'm leaning towards) or spray paint them.  And the wire can too be painted or left as is. Decisions, decisions.  It's going to be perfect for my cutlery. :)  

Guess I'm going shopping tomorrow. :)