Love My New Bissell Steam Mop!

I just had to share my new purchase, a Bissell Steam Mop.  I've never owned or used one before.  But I love it!  So much easier than a mop and bucket.  We have original polished floor boards throughout our house and with 2 littles the floor easily breeds dust bunnies and food crumbs.  I'm a bit of a clean freak and vacuum regularly.  But today I just swept and then steam mopped. I did the whole house and the floors were not even wet when I finished.  They actually shone!  

And I was lucky enough to get it on sale. :) I also purchased the carpet attachment for our rugs and got a carpet cleaning stick and 2 cans of carpet cleaner free.  I can't wait to try them too. :)

To all my US friends, I know Bissell is made there and I really would have liked the model with the detachable steam unit, but they don't have it in Australia.  Maybe one day. :)  Does anyone else have a Bissell?