Lounge and Dining Rooms Tweaked

Given I can never sit still and hubby says he never knows where he'll find the furniture cause I'm always moving it (hehe), I decided to tweak my lounge and dining room a bit.  The major changes I made were to move the lounge forward which meant moving the dining table against the wall.  What do you think? 

And my next big project is painting those yucky brown sliding French doors white to match the entry ones.  Big job, lots of sanding, taping up glass, priming, painting and more painting.  Could take a while, but so worth the effort I'm sure. :)

:) Julie


  1. Great job, Julie! You have a beautiful home! And I think I like the doors brown so I wouldn't rush to change them - they add to the charm of your lovely style! ;)

  2. Looks great love all the touches.



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